Will arthritis kill you?

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Hello everyone, I hope you are well and fighting hard!

Over the past few years many people have campaigned to raise awareness about arthritis. Why? Well that’s because arthritis numbers are on the rise, the amount of people affected by it is increasing all the time.

It’s also due to the fact that people are still ignorant about the disease and believe it to be a twinge of pain you get when you’re elderly.

“Arthritis only effects old people, my Grandma had it and she was alright it’s not that bad”.

Pretty much everything about that statement is wrong as people with arthritis will know. It can effect young people, even babies! And given half a chance it certainly can be bad.

“Come on it’s not like it’s a deadly disease, seriously will arthritis kill you?”


Yes arthritis can kill and will kill if you let it.

I was the same as the people who would make the comments above, before I was diagnosed I thought that it was a disease old people got because my Nanna has it in her wrists.

Sure it played her up a bit in the winter but other than that I didn’t think it was much of an issue. I remember the surgeon telling me I had arthritis and I sat there and immediately thought that’s an old persons disease, does this guy even know what he’s talking about?

And even if he does, if an old person can handle it I am sure I will be fine what’s the big deal here?

Obviously I have learned a lot since then, learned it the hard way sitting at home not moving yet being in pain, walking on it and experiencing excruiciating pain, developing bone spurs and limping horrificly.

That’s part of the reason I wanted to do this website so I could be one of those that try to create awareness about how bad this disease can be and how terribly many people are suffering. 

woman sitting on black surface inside room

But how can I say it kills people have I got any scientific proof? No.

I have my opinion just as you have yours and as it’s my site you can expect to hear my opinions from time to time.

Why do I say it will kill you? Because it can, maybe not directly but it can be the unmentioned reason. Many people may give up on exercising and activity when they have arthritis, their life can become a lot more sedentary.

It wouldn’t be far fetched to say that said person could become obese then maybe they die of a heart attack. On their death certificate it’s going to say cause of death was heart attack but that’s not the real cause that was just the finisher.

Are there any boxing fans out there if so then imagine you are watching a fight unfold. One boxer hits the other with a huge left hook to the head the boxer that gets hit doesn’t go down directly from that hit they stumble about they have clearly been rocked.

You hear the commentators saying “Oh they are on spaghetti legs” and whatever other cliches they use, the boxer then takes another average strength punch to the face they begin to fall down and on the way they receive a glancing blow on the forehead.

people watching boxing

In that example the huge left hook is the arthritis and the lifestyle becoming sedentary.

The punch to the face can be the obesity and the final glancing blow is the heart attack.

In this case it was the glancing blow that was the final blow but because the commentators are ringside and have witnessed all the events unfold they can determine that the huge left hook was the blow that did all the damage, the glancing blow just finished the boxer off when they were already on their way down.

Arthritis can kill you without it being the final blow. 

For those who only trust the science

WebMD published an article in September 2018 reported that a study had been conducted on over 123,000 suicides across 18 states in America between 2003-2014.

An average of 8.8 percent of those suicides contained evidence of those people being in chronic pain. 8.8 percent gives us a number of 10,824, over 11 years that gives us a total of 984 people each year that commit suicide due to chronic pain.

The chronic pains that accounted for the largest portions of those were back pain, cancer pain and


So will arthritis kill you? Clearly for some the answer is yes, again the cause of death will be suicide but the real reason is the pain from arthritis or that huge left hook we spoke about.

If that isn’t worrying enough the percentages increased from 7.4 in 2003 to 10.2 in 2014 hence the 8.8 percent average.

That means in 2003 the number of suicides due to chronic pain was 9,102 in comparison with 2014 that saw numbers reach 12,546, an increase of 3,444 people in 11 years.

turned on flat screen monitor

Why the increase? Well I have a few thoughts on that;

  1. The number of people suffering from chronic illness is constantly rising largely due to our modern lifestyle, by that I mean sedentary, stressed, obesity due to food being available to us 24/7, eating the wrong foods especially foods packed with sugar.
  2. Pharmaceuticalised. Relying on precription pain medication to get us through the day usually enduring disturbing side effects and in general just flooding your body and gut with chemicals.
  3. Acceptance. People accepting the diagnosis, accepting there is no cure and sinking further and further into submission to the disease.

I have said it constantly on here because I believe it to be true, I think the way the majority of us are living is wrong.

Again this is my opinion and my view of things. You can listen to it and make your own judgement or you can sit there in your stressed little bubble stuffing your face with ‘comfort food’ because life has been so hard to you and dismiss any other thought that may cause you to look yourself in the mirror and take some of the responsibility.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Arthritis is the best thing that’s happened to me in terms of my health.

I consider the accident that led to my diagnosis as a moment of divine intervention. I was living as badly as you can do, crappy job, constantly stressed, drinking, smoking, poor diet. I was on a collision course with some sort of medical illness.

The accident and all that followed including an MRSA infection that caused me unbelievable pain inside my pot and had it been left unchecked for any longer could have resulted in sepsis which can kill you.

I believe that I needed all of that to happen, I needed to be pushed to the brink to find out who I really am.

And don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a case of me having the accident and rolling around with delight saying how wonderful it was and how grateful I was.

It’s taken a lot of time, more pain and perspective to get the view I have now. The first few years were testing, I had severe pain, suffered from flashbacks and PTSD, anxiety, depression, agoraphobia but piece by piece I rebuilt myself and made a better version of me.

A man standing triumphant on a beach in New Romney while looking out into the water

I have said I don’t take any medication, I did that in the early days and never had any benefit from it. I am approaching 2 years without as much as a paracetamol entering my bloodstream, I am continuing to make changes and being proactive and I am reaping the rewards!

The way we live

I think we can talk about this forever and a day but if I was to sum up the main problems with how we live it would be;

Sugar, Stress, Sedentary

Sugar is everywhere and it is in a huge abundance of foods and drinks the average person consumes. Sugar inflames your body and has the same addicitve qualities as heroin. It’s that simple really, I’m not going to go into more detail about it if you want to know more about sugar and its affects you can read our article on it here.

Similarly with stress you can read more here but in essence stress inflames your body by putting it in a heightened chemical state. Prolonged periods of this will cause serious strain on your body mentally and physically.

Sedentary, think television, game consoles and mobile phones. All these things distract us from productivity, building better relationships, exercising, paying attention to what we are eating.

man lying on sofa infront of TV

Kids of today are put in front of a screen, maybe their parents are too stressed to invest any time in them, the parents are stressed and eat poorly so the child does too, all whilst not being encouraged to get outdoors and burn off energy get some exercise, the child becomes a bit overweight gets bullied online develops anxiety issues.

They then witness all the reality programs on television that tell them how they should look and what is considered beautiful. Next they are idolising someone who can’t tell the time but has preened hair and eyebrows, end result is a load of boys who look the same and a load of girls that look the same, it’s like the plot of a crappy apocolyptic film.

The foods we eat and how often we can eat.

I have mentioned about eating poorly and consuming too much sugar but the amount of time we can spend eating and even think about eating should be cause for concern.

Some people believe in God some believe in the big bang and others believe that there is a light in their fridge so they can eat throughout the night.

silver French-door refrigerator

We can obtain food fairly easily in our advanced culture and due to the 24-hour access to it this opens the door to greed and gluttony. Meaning we will eat not because we are hungry but because we can.

This means most people never fast which can be beneficial for the body to detox, repair and reboot. It gives the body a break from digesting and processing foods we eat, not to mention dealing with the chemicals that can come from some foods.


Anyone who has read any other articles of mine may know that I am not a fan of prescription medication. I don’t take any and I have gotten on a lot better without them.

What don’t I like about them? The fact pharmaceutical companies push medication onto doctors for them to push onto patients. The fact that many of them will have bad side effects that may on occasion mean taking another tablet to counteract the side effects of the first pill.

Also the reliance that doctors and patients have on pharmaceuticals bothers me. The doctor isn’t too concerned with finding the root cause of a problem and treating it because they can just prescribe a pill which treats the symptom and masks the cause.

Patients accept this because it initially gets them out of pain but sadly the issue that caused the pain often remains and the medication will eventually lose effect.

This is when patients can get switched from one DRUG to another as they ‘work with their doctor’ to find an effective pill all whilst suffering through nasty side effects.

Before anyone gets too over excited remember these are my opinions and they are derived from my own progress that was made without any doctor or magic pill.

I believe I have kept my pain so minimal because I have taken responsibility for my health, researched, experimented and forged my own treatment plan, that has been very successful.

This makes sense to me because the more time goes on the more my condition gets better and the pain is less which tells me as I keep learning and implementing my ideas I continue to gain control of the disease.

So for those relying on prescription pills but who still have a poor quality of life, try something different, do your own research and find your own treatment plan that works for you.


Following on from the reliance on medication brings us to the acceptance of the diagnosis.

When I was being told I had arthritis I wasn’t too concerned for a couple of reasons, one was that as I said earlier I was naive and thought it was just a niggly pain that elderly people deal with.

The other reason was because I know me, I know I am stubborn and if someone says I can’t do somethingthen I will want to prove them wrong. So what that the surgeon was saying how badly my life will be affected he didn’t know me he didn’t know the lengths I am prepared to go to.

As for him telling me there is no cure, that just means that no scientific research (which is usually funded by pharmaceutical companies) has found a cure yet and to be honest I don’t expect them to either!

Like I said I will conduct my own research I will be my own guinea pig I will find my own cure.

But then what about these people who receive the diagnosis and take it as gospel?

The doctor said it will only get worse so nothing I do will make it any better. It’s a get out clause that patients use so they can avoid putting in the research and effort, don’t sit there and say it’s pointless because my doctor said there’s nothing I can do and they’re the expert.

Poor excuse.

As human beings we don’t even get near the full potential that we have, why?

Because we don’t want to put the work in we want an easy fix, progress might mean enduring some pain living through some discomfort, we don’t want that we shy away from anything that isn’t pleasurable.

Only you know your body you know what you’re feeling better than any doctor does. You know what makes things better you know what makes things worse, work from there push yourself endure the rough times.

Or don’t!

Sit there accept what you’ve been told and sink further into submission only focussing on how unlucky you are or what a shitty hand you have been dealt.

So will arthritis kill you?

We have seen it can be an instigator for deaths. Granted these numbers are in the minority but as we saw the numbers are on the rise.

The numbers are on the rise because of the reasons we have outlined and it all boils down to not coping with your condition in the appropriate and most effective manner.

Do you know what nearly all these reasons have in common is


get the inflammation in your body under control this is the most basic and vital piece of information!!!!!!!!!

Control stress levels, stop consuming sugar, exercise and keep weight under control, fast and give the body time to repair, get into a good sleep regime and let the body repair, get enough of the vitamins and minerals that help fight inflammation.

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10 thoughts on “Will arthritis kill you?

  1. For a truth, I have never attached so much importance to arthritis because I always see it as just a normal illness that even a baby can overcome easily. Seeing all these you have written about it makes me more interested in learning about it and the scrirntifuc part, you really explained in details. Thank you. Arthris should be given the right attention and well fought so it can be cured. Great post

    1. Thank you Rodarrick, always great to hear from you. I had similar thoughts to you before arthritis entered my life that’s why I like to raise awareness so people can fully understand just what this disease is capable of doing to someone if allowed.

      As you are interested in learning more I have put links below for posts that can give you an insight into what living with the disease is really like.

      Living with arthritis pain

      An arthritis review

      Is it really that bad

  2. Stay strong and positive and continue to look for things to help with the arthritis fight. Each journey and situation is different, and finding relief often involves a complex puzzle to be solved. I do believe that arthritis could be a killer, as the physical debilitation that arthritis causes can and often does cause serious accidents. Trust your gut while continuing to look for and follow the good science that is out there. Best of luck!

    1. Thank you Aly, I agree it is like a puzzle and I will keep putting my pieces in place until it all fits. I will continue to stay strong and positive.

      I appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment.

  3. Hello Andy!

    Aww… I did not think about the arthritis being that severe, mainly because I am not affected at my current age (almost 30). And you also get the right point about the daily-basis pain leading people to desperate decisions such as committing suicide.

    Sugar is a tasty temptation, we need to put our will at work in order to resist to it. As for being sedentary, again we have to ensure our bodies are fit enough, e.g. by walking several km / miles a day, like from home to work and back if possible, doing physical exercises, especially if our jobs imply being sedentary (like being a computer programmer). An aggravating circumstance is the gadget-oriented education children get today, of course, so that they are not used to adequately move their bodies starting from early ages.

    Then, I also find that fasting is good and welcome for our bodies and souls. Here the question of will comes again into discussion. While fasting, thoughts about food come over our minds in a tempting way (and sometimes we may even dream foods in our sleep while fasting), and in such situations we have to take care of our will, self-control and decisions.

    As for the arthritis having no cure and patients needing to cope with pain for life… well, that is a hard mission. You need faith in God and strength. And who knows, maybe there will be also a way out of this disease (NOT the death!), there is no known cure YET.

    Wish you health and best regards!


    1. Hi Peter, thank you for your great comments. I like a lot of the points you raise here involving our will, I agree I think we have gotten so used to getting what we want when we want it that it makes it even harder to have the will to stop the behaviour.

      I also like the fact you mention how fasting benefits the soul as well as our bodies. You may enjoy the article below.

      Fast for pain relief.

      Thanks for reading and getting involved in the discussion. I wish you all the best too!

  4. Like most people, I didn’t know that arthritis could affect young people … That is quite scary …! I understand why you say it can kill people. When you receive such news and you become sedentary, perhaps depressed, and – like you mentioned – obese, yes, it will eventually lead to death. The cause of death might be different, but the trigger remains there, the trigger for becoming depressed and obese. I assume that people may get depressed because of it, I don’t really know. 

    I agree with you that the way many people are living is wrong … lifestyle, diet choices, etc Stress is terrible and it has become such a big factor in our lives, in mine too, and I try to destress whenever I can. I just need to remind myself to do it on a daily basis. And so, I’m grateful for reading this post, because indirectly you have reminded me of it. 

    Sugar is in nearly EVERYTHING, in tomato sauces, in fruit juices (which hardly contain juice), and so many other food items, it is sickening … Pills galore, pills for everything. People sometimes tell me about certain pill names, and I have no idea what they are talking about. They mention it as if everyone should know those pills, as if they are part of our learned vocabulary, and perhaps most people know those pills, but I don’t, and it makes me realize how pharmaceutalized much of the western world has become … It is all related. 

    You are right when you say that we should get the inflammation in our bodies in control. In my case emotional stress has been a great cause for it. 

    Your post is something of an eye opener for me, although I don’t have arthritis but still, you have tips and advice in here that are useful for everyone. 

    1. Thank you Christine, I am glad there is some value here for you.

      Your right to destress as much as possible, a stressed body is not a healthy one. Meditation can hold incredible benefits and I highly recommend it, you can read more about meditation below.

      Awesome benefits of meditation!

      Thank you for reading and for your comments. 

  5. Hello there,thanks for taking out time to get this article for the public it would be of great help,I once had a aunty that had arthritis and I know it’s not on small sickness like malaria.but I never new was that, arthritis could kill.but now I know it’s a silent killer.tjanks for this education article

    1. Hi, thank you for reading and commenting.

      It is good to hear that you enjoyed the article and that it opened your eyes to how devastating the disease can be. Please share it with friends and loved ones!

      You may also enjoy the article below.

      Is it really that bad?

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