Which supplements help osteoarthritis

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Hello everyone.

What supplements help your arthritis?

Which type of arthritis do you have?

I wonder if the same supplements help ease the pain of all types of arthritis. I don’t have the answer to this unfortunately but if enough of us share what works for us we may see a pattern begin to form.

Having osteoarthritis myself I am going to be speaking about supplements that I use, giving you a look inside my supplement cupboard.

I will talk you through supplements I believe can help osteoarthritis and of course whatever arthritis you have it may be worth giving them a try.

At The Arthritis Fight, we have readers from all over the world so it would be good if you can share what works for you and we can see if remedies differ from country to country.

We will dive in then and have a look at the top supplements that help keep me relatively free from pain and avoiding prescription medication.

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1. Astaxanthin

People often want to know what has the biggest effect on reducing pain. This can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint.

When you research and try as many remedies as I do it can be hard to locate if one is having a real big effect or if it is a culmination of many.

That being said, I can say with confidence that I noticed the most dramatic reduction in pain when I started taking Astaxanthin.

Again I had been sat researching one evening and came across a PDF all about Astaxanthin written by Bob Capelli.

It is an excellent read and if you can find it I would highly recommend you give it your time.

I was excited by the information I was absorbing about the various health benefits. I knew I had to at least give it a try.

I ordered a bottle of capsules 12mg in strength, I take 2 a day which I believe is the highest threshold of what is suggested you take daily.

This supplement has helped massively in regard to pain and that is why I have put it as number 1 when people ask what I have noticed the most benefit from, I say Astaxanthin.

2. Hemp Cream

A close second to Astaxanthin.

Hemp cream I buy in a tub and apply once or twice a day, always in the morning first thing. A routine can be good and as soon as I come downstairs I massage the cream into my ankle and wait for it to absorb.

Many of you will know already that massage can be pain relieving for arthritic joints, throw a very good hemp cream into the mix and it seems to help loosen and stimulate the joint.

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See even dogs enjoy a friendly massage!

I also use on occasion at night when I come home from work and my ankle is a little swollen, I can elevate the ankle rub the cream on and relax before bed.

When I look at some of the forums and social media groups for people with arthritis I see a lot of people recommending Voltarol cream/gel.

I have tried this before and can honestly say I find the hemp cream miles more effective. I am not just saying that because Voltarol is a pharmaceutical I am only stating what works better for me.

Again if we look back to different types of arthritis then maybe Voltarol is the better option for Rheumatoid or other types but obviously, I having osteoarthritis can only speak to the effects on that condition.

If you have a different kind of arthritis and have explored both hemp cream and Voltarol maybe you can let us know which one you have found works best.

If you haven’t tried it the tub I get is around £12 and I get plenty of months use out of it, Voltarol can range between £5-£15 a tube and won’t last as long so the hemp cream could even be more cost effective for you.

Read more about the one I use here.

3. Organic turmeric capsules

A hugely important supplement, fantastic for pain relief and reducing swelling.

Most of you will have come across the benefits of turmeric when looking for pain relief ideas. It is a fantastic antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Read more here.

4. CBD oil

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 We have to talk about cannabis oil.

People will have read and already know a lot about this so I am not going to regurgitate the same stuff you have already seen.

Cannabis can help conditions such as cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and much more!

We now have the ways in which to produce cannabis oil that contains minimal traces of the psychoactive ingredient, THC.

In the United Kingdom it is now available on prescription, why now?

Simply because the overwhelming evidence of the healing effects it has can no longer be hidden and covered up by a certain billion-pound company who want you to continue to use their products.

5. Vitamin K2

Another important supplement to take daily.

Not only as K2 been shown to help maintain a healthy heart it is also known to help keep your bones and even teeth healthy!

It plays a major role in breaking down and depositing calcium, helping it absorb into the bones and teeth to keep them strong.

We will be aware that as arthritis sufferers it is important to keep our bones strong, especially for those who are so severely afflicted that they do not do much physical exercise.

Their bones will become weaker and increasingly more brittle meaning an incident such as a fall could lead to one or multiple fractures.

Also for those of you keeping active, better bone strength means better stability and maybe even less pain!

6. Vitamin D + Calcium

This follows on nicely from the last one and probably isn’t much of a surprise to many of you to see this.

Vitamin D is also a major player in calcium absorption and combined with the calcium in the capsules it provides a direct hit to get straight to your bones.

It also gives an important boost to the immune system that can help protect against other diseases.

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Again I imagine most of you know about this so I am not going to go into all the information about it being the vitamin you get from the sun and produces in the skin under sunlight, I am going to assume you all know.

And yes I know when you assume you make an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’ but I will take that risk.

Keep reading for some optional extras!

To conclude

These are the major players in my cupboard.

I use them daily and they work so well for me that I don’t need any pharmaceuticals! I am pretty much pain free, can get up after sitting for a while and start walking and get a good nights sleep!

Fellow sufferers will know that these are things not to take for granted.

As I have mentioned these have helped me massively, but that is me, will it work for you?

I don’t know.

Will it work for someone with a different type of arthritis?

I don’t know.

I can only tell you how they have effected me and suggest that you at least try them, inparticular Astaxanthin as I believe everyone can reap the benefits of that supplement.

So there you have it I have told you which supplements help my osteoarthritis, now tell us what helps yours?

Leave a comment below.

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Optional extras!

Others that are sitting in my cupboard that I have omitted are;

A vitamin B complex capsule.

Vitamin C slow release.


Others that are often recommended;

Cod liver oil – I used to take this but got out of the habit, I eat a lot of oily fish and olive oil so do not see it as a big loss.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin – I used to take but stopped as the one I took seemed to cost a lot a month and can’t say I noticed any real benefit.

Thanks for reading, speak soon.


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