The Natural Remedies For Arthritis

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In this article I am going to be talking about natural products I have used to help ease my pain, I have often found these to be more effective than prescription medication.

I believe that advances in technology and civilisation have brought some real benefits to the way we live our lives.

For example, the internet can be a wealth of information and an excellent resource when used correctly.

Usually, for every positive a negative can be found, I believe the negative is the food we eat.

In the modern diet, there is a lack of natural organic produce, this is due to people not having the time or not wanting to spend their time standing and preparing meals.

Because of this microwave meals and takeaways are consumed in ridiculous amounts.

I am not trying to preach or condone anyone, I like a McDonald’s double cheeseburger as much as the next person.

Why shouldn’t we when we can be watching our favourite television programme and the sponsor for the show could be McDonalds, Dominoes or even the Just Eat takeaway app.

I think this is where the issue has stemmed from, it has become acceptable to order a takeaway whenever we want.

This culture is making us obese and causing us to suffer from chronic disease!

When we do suffer these ailments we can have no fear because the wonderful people at the pharmaceutical companies have a magic pill that can rid us of the pain and let us get back to eating junk.Woman Preparing to Eat Big Bacon Burger Free Stock Photo Download

I have lost a lot of faith in doctors and medication, they don’t seem to address the actual cause of the illness they just want to hide it.

My lack of faith in them comes from a situation that happened not long after my accident, my father was diagnosed with cancer.

Surgery was performed to remove it, following surgery he was put on a course of chemotherapy as is the norm.

He now suffers from chronic leukaemia which is monitored regularly in case the levels spike and become acute which can be dangerous.

As he never had this condition before I was intrigued as to how he may have got it, as I said before the internet can be a valuable tool, so I researched.

I found that some of the causes of leukaemia were radiation and chemotherapy, of course, I began to suspect this is how he had developed it.

And if that wasn’t worrying enough in the same article it listed treatments for leukaemia and yes, two of them were radiation and chemotherapy, the same things that can cause the disease can be used to treat it.

Maybe it’s just me but that was enough to make me question medicinal practices and look for natural remedies that the Earth has been providing for us the whole time we have been alive.


I have no doubt that people who have done there own research will be familiar with some of these but there may be some you haven’t tried that could be helpful.

The benefits of ginger can range from easing morning sickness to lowering blood sugar to helping to ease arthritic pain and stiffness.

The relief comes from the fact that ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory and regular use of products like this can show a decrease in pain and inflammation.

You can buy ginger fresh, powdered or in oils or puree, I would always recommend fresh, it stays good for a long time and you don’t need much of it when cooking as it can become overpowering.

Turmeric is also a powerful, health-boosting spice. It contains a compound called curcumin which is a highly effective anti-inflammatory.

There are many ways you can get turmeric into your body, from fresh turmeric to powdered to tablet supplement form.

I enjoy making curries which contain turmeric and I also add it to other meals as well where I can.

I also take supplement tablets that contain curcumin and black pepper, the black pepper contains piperine and helps our body to absorb the curcumin as it is not easily absorbed in the blood.

Organic Raw Honey and Organic Cider Vinegar Tea

Organic raw honey contains many polyphenols and phytonutrients which help our body fight and ward off disease it is said honey can contain as many antioxidants as fruits and vegetables.

Manuka honey can be used to help infections such as MRSA which is resistant to antibiotics as most things will become resistant due to the frequency in which we have been given antibiotics.

You may have recently seen adverts and posters in your doctor’s surgery saying antibiotics should not be overused.

Even though they have been handed out to us liberally by doctors for so long, hence the issue we now have with them.

If using raw honey be aware it can contain some harmful bacteria as well as the good and so should not be given to babies and adults should stop using if they experience food poisoning type symptoms.

Good quality organic apple cider vinegar contains friendly bacteria which can help regulate the bacteria in the gut.

This can be beneficial as the gut plays an important role in digestion and helping our immune system.Pile of Gala and Granny Smith Apples on Market Free Stock Photo Download

It can also contain amino acids and antioxidants. Benefits can include lowering blood sugar, cholesterol and even possibly aiding weight loss.

I have a spoonful of each in a mug of boiling water in the morning!

It actually tastes a lot better than it sounds and it helps loosen my foot and ease the pain first thing in the morning.

Boswellia Serrata

I cannot speak highly enough of this product!

It is an extract from the Boswellia Serrata tree and again it is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

It is believed it works by preventing molecules called Leukotrienes from forming, these molecules have been linked to inflammation.

I take Boswellia Serrata pills, usually two a day and also use the cream to rub directly onto the ankle joint when it is swollen, the cream feels amazing and helps reduce the swelling.

I use the tablets as well because they can also help ease IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) which I also suffer from occasionally.

Also for any religious people like myself, it is also known as Indian Frankincense, Frankincense which was one of the gifts from the three wise men to baby Jesus.

For religious people that isn’t a bad endorsement.

Niacinamide (Flush Free)

Lastly is the B vitamin niacinamide.

I have added flush free above as one of the main side effects of the supplement is a flushing (redness) of the skin which can occur and may feel like a tingling or burning sensation.

This is due to the dilating of the blood vessels and by purchasing the flush free tablets you are eliminating the most common side effect.

I take this supplement daily and have done for over a year and notice an increase in pain when I have gone without it.

This also lowers cholesterol and improves memory function and also eases arthritis pain and possibly improves joint mobility.

Some tests have been done on rats who have been injected directly with the vitamin and it has shown significant improvement in regards to arthritis, though more studies and research will be needed.

I usually order them online from Amazon, I recommend that you do not let your stock of it get to low before ordering the next batch.

In my experience, most places I have ordered from do not always have stock and it can take a while for delivery in some cases, as I quickly notice the difference when I am without it I try to avoid a situation like this.

Bringing it together

Anybody that has scoured the internet looking for solutions as I have, will know that you can become absolutely bombarded with information of what could work and relieve your pain.

Also what works for one may not work for another, I am only offering up the natural remedies that have worked as well if not better than any prescription pill I have taken.

It can seem overwhelming trying to incorporate all these things at once so I usually recommend introducing them to your daily routine 1 at a time.

That is how I did it by adding a new remedy over periods of time until I eventually had my daily remedy kit that helps keep my pain at bay.


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