The Honeymoon Is Over

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No it really is over, 2 weeks in Mexico following on from our wedding, now time to get back to the fight.

It was a fantastic rest and recharge which we all need every so often and my ankle has been brilliant recently as well.

Holiday Heat

I tend to get slightly concerned when a holiday is approaching, when I am at home I have my routine and all my equipment around me in order to set me up for the day.

On a previous holiday last year I took my revitive medic circulation booster with me, this time I just wasn’t as keen to put it in my suitcase taking up more room. This is of course because I would need half the space for all my clothing and vitamins and the other half for the over spill from my wifes case.

We all know this is true, a man will count how many days he will be gone for and pack accordingly, the woman will count how many days and then try to fit her entire wardrobe and chest of drawers into one suitcase. Naturally we end up with it in half our case.

I digress…

I left the circulation booster at home that’s the long and short of it. I knew there was a gym at the hotel and I thought if need be I would do half an hour on an exercise bike in there on the mornings.

Not ideal when on honeymoon but needs must when you are battling a disease!

To my surprise in the ten days we were there I didn’t have to do that once! I’m not sure if it was down to the heat (it was about 30 degree c everyday), or maybe it was due to a good combination of resting and exercise. The rest being sunbathing and the exercise being walking back and forth to the bar.

Who knows!

Pool Boy

I have mentioned before about my swimming confession and it’s not about urinating in the pool, I will never confess to that, it’s the fact I can’t swim.

So you can imagine my relief when I saw the pool was 4 feet 10 inches everywhere, I could walk around anywhere in the pool.

I remembered around New Year I saw a family friend who is a physiotherapist. He told me even though I couldn’t swim I should go to the local swimming pool and walk up and down in the shallow end.

I have to admit I still haven’t done that, but I certainly understand why he said it. Your body weighs less in water and there is less pressure on the joints meaning you can perform some exercises easier.

I did take this opportunity whilst on honeymoon and did a lot of walking and stretching in the pool which I found very pleasant and easy to do.

I may need to visit my local pool and carry on this technique.

Other Triggers For Success

I have to admit the weeks leading up to our honeymoon have been really good in terms of pain. I have been able to do a lot recently and my calf muscle has really strengthened leading to a lot better walking gait.

Some of the reasons may be that I have started seeing a chiropractor in the past couple of months as I wanted to ensure that I can remain as level as possible.

I appreciate that when I tend to get walking badly with a limp, that will then affect knees, hips, lower back and I don’t want to end up with more arthritic joints, so the chiropractor is a preventative measure.

I have been using insoles since Christmas as it was identified that I have flat feet and by using an insole to raise the arches, it may relieve some pressure and improve balance. I have certainly felt the benefit from the insole even just for shock absorption.

I tend to get now awaiting a medical insole that will do the same job but will be tailored to my foot rather than a generic one from the internet, so I should gain more benefit.

I have also started taking a new supplement in the last month, Astaxanthin.

This supplement is essentially an antioxidant, I became aware of this after reading an article by Dr Joseph Mercola.

Astaxanthin is used to help a whole host of diseases such as high-cholesterol, Alzheimers, Parkinsons. It also helps reduce muscle pain and can help menopausal symptoms.

As with a lot of supplements more research and clinical studies are needed, but this certainly seems to have a lot of benefits even the possibility of helping to prevent cancer.

I have been enjoying a great reduction in pain but as I have said above it could be down to one of these things, or a little of all of them, or simply just because I have enjoyed warmer weather.

Whatever the reason, I look back to this time last year and my calf muscle is stronger, my walking is better and my pain is less, not bad for a degenerative joint disease.

I haven’t forgot about the A-Z Arthritis Toolkit and I will be back soon with the next in the list, G.



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2 thoughts on “The Honeymoon Is Over

  1. Hey Andy, glad you’ve found the Astaxanthin supplement to counteract your pain further to enjoying your honeymoon to Mexico, sounds a wonderful place to relax and soak up the sun.
    I had to laugh with regards to your wife’s clothes finding their way into your suitcase. When we go away I take enough t-shirts, a few pairs of shorts and one pair of sandals & I’m done. My wife, on the other hand, takes a lot of just-in-case clothes (I’m sure you get my drift) yet has the cheek to remark when weighing in at the airport that my suitcase weighs more – ha!
    Congratulations you two, enjoy yourselves,

    1. Yes Simon this is exactly what happens with my luggage, I knew this was a common occurrence ?

      Thanks for your comment and well wishes and as always thank you for reading!

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