The best vitamins for arthritis – Zinc


Zinc is involved in certain processes in the body such as helping to heal wounds, helping make new cells and helping to process macronutrients in foods (carbohydrates, fats, proteins).

It helps support the immune system and keeps our connective tissue healthy.

You can find it in shellfish and I say you because you won’t catch me eating any of that. It isn’t even due to an allergy it’s just every time I see it and people eating things like oysters it justs looks so wrong.

Oyster, Half Shell, Seafood

But of course we are all different and if crustaceans are your thing then cast your fishing net far and wide and bring all that zinc to your body.

It can also be found in meat, dairy, nuts and whole grains. 

Whilst it can be beneficial to include zinc be careful not to consume too much as that could lead to anaemia or in some cases cause bones to weaken.


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