The best vitamins for arthritis – Vitamin D

Vitamin D

You little beauty!

I take a Vitamin D tablet every day, it helps distribute calcium and phosphate which are used to keep bones and joints healthy.

It is known as the sunshine vitamin because we get Vitamin D from the sun so if you are a keen gardener or have a job that is primarily based outside then you will be getting some Vitamin D.

Of course, there are only certain periods of the year that are sunny unless you are lucky enough to live in a country with sunshine all year round.

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So it is a good idea to supplement your Vitamin D levels, this can be done as I do with a tablet every day or you can try to include foods that contain it such as yoghurt, orange juice, salmon, tuna, cereals.

It is suggested to not take any more than 100 micrograms a day this way there will be no harmful effects from over-consumption.

Effects can be damage to organs such as kidney and heart and can also weaken bones.


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