The best vitamins for arthritis – Magnesium


A very important one here. Actually a mineral but I feel it is right to include minerals as well as mentioning the best vitamins for arthritis.

Magnesium like many others is fantastic for bone and cartilage health. It also helps with nerve and muscle function I started taking it when I went back to the gym, I feel it helps with recovery for muscles and energy levels.

It can be found in many foods such as nuts, meat, dairy, green vegetables, fish and wholegrain products.

Cheese, Cow, Dairy Product, Market, Creamery, Wheel

I try to get it from my diet but also use tablets as I said for after exercise. Although I get it from my diet I avoid wholegrain products as I am still trying to maintain a Ketogenic lifestyle, but that’s me.

Again over-consumption can lead to you disappearing to the toilet more often than usual.


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