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Hello my friends, I hope you are all well!

I want to talk to you today about the next tool in our arthritis kit. We started this toolkit to give people basic tips and information about things they can do to ease their pain.

We don’t have many more to go now until it’s finished but any suggestions will still be welcomed otherwise we might end up trying to find an arthritic connection to a xylophone or a zoo!

There has been a lot of discussion on our social media pages recently between our readers. People sharing their experiences, their situation at the minute and generally offering support to each other.

With that in mind, it feels like the perfect time to reveal the next tool.

T is for talk

It might not seem much on the face of it and there were others in the running for this position but I will take a little of your time now to discuss why I think it’s so important.

One of the main reasons this website was started was so that people could meet others who are in a similar situation and chat with them.

Suffering from a chronic disease can sometimes be isolating, even if you have a great support network at home occasionally you will find it relieving to talk to other people who know exactly what you are talking about because they are living it as well.

It warms my heart to now see our readers and followers conversing with each other on our social media page and group. There is a genuine feeling of sharing and support for one another.

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I would encourage those of you reading who haven’t liked our social pages to do so and get involved with the discussion.

What’s the advantage?

Well, I believe we could all learn something from our fellow man/woman. Nobody knows everything and everyone knows something different.

By talking with each other we are creating an opportunity to learn something new, it may be something insignificant, it may be something that’s hugely beneficial.

Unless we partake in that conversation then we will never know.

A big part of my fight back against arthritis is educating myself, life is an education and we should never stop learning.

Yes researching multiple things, reading reports and articles provides me with new information that I can use to try to better my condition.

But I also realise that talking with people can provide me with new insights, tips and ideas. This talking can be done face-to-face with people I meet, on this website or social media page, on a forum or support group.

There can be downsides to the internet as I am sure we are all aware, there can also be huge privileges.

I live in England, this website is accessed by people all over the world!

Our social media followers are from places such as the United States, Canada, Italy, Australia and so on.

Do you not see where I am going? We have an opportunity to keep growing this network from individuals all around the world.

Hands, World, Map, Global, Earth, Globe

The more people that join us the more new information is available, maybe a tip from someone could dramatically change another’s life and they could pay that forward and so on and so on.

Perhaps someone could be at the edge of despair and somebody on the other side of the world could tell them that it’s okay, to keep fighting and one-day things will be easier.

I know there are things like Arthritis UK or Arthritis Ireland, Canada and many more. They are all specific to that area, I want the Arthritis Fight to be global.

I want people to recognise it as a place where they can share with people from all around the world. A movement of solidarity and encouragement for each other and every time somebody joins the more powerful that movement gets.

Some reports have suggested there are nearly 40 million people suffering from some form of arthritis and that is just in the United States alone.

Think about how many more there are in the world!

It will be a truly staggering number and what if they all met and conversed at one place? Can you imagine the amount of new information that will be flying around?

And knowledge IS power, we may be able to put all useful tips from sufferers into an arthritis survival guide. That way when somebody is diagnosed with arthritis they have a place they can go to that has all the information and support they need.

Let’s not forget arthritis doesn’t just affect the elderly as is often misunderstood, it can affect children, even from birth.

Can you imagine becoming a new parent and then being hit with that bombshell?

Then imagine that place again, that place that has a wealth of information and practical advice for arthritis sufferers, imagine what support and comfort that would be to the parents.

And why would that place exist? Because a load of individuals got together and talked.

Rustic, Ancient, Map, Globe

The aim

I created The Arthritis Fight because I wasn’t going to roll over and admit defeat.

Since then I have brought my pain levels right down to a place where I don’t even need any pharmaceutical medication and the nasty side effects they can bring about, for that, I am proud of myself.

I still work and bring money into the household and I am proud of that.

What I want is for The Arthritis Fight to reach every corner of the world and yes I know the world is round it’s just an expression.

I want the readers and followers to grow because then the conversation grows, the support grows, the information grows.

Arthritis doesn’t discriminate and neither should we because we truly are STRONGER TOGETHER!

Especially when we are talking.

So please get sharing this post far and wide.

Speak soon (haha speak soon I crack myself up)


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