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Hello everyone, I do hope you are all well!

Apologies for the lack of articles recently I have had work commitments and the garden at home to sort out.

It’s typical I start talking about how well I am doing and that I am not in any pain, my wife reads that and gives me a list of jobs to do!

Anyway, I am back to speak with you now and I thought I had better get through some more tools in our arthritis toolkit so we can finally get it completed.

We get quite a few messages from you all on our social media platforms and we are very grateful that you enjoy our articles.

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As always feel free to comment below and get involved in the conversation with like-minded people.

Now we will talk a little about R in our toolkit it is a tool that on the face of it seems pretty basic but can be extremely vital in our fight against arthritis pain.

It is a tool that if I hadn’t have used I probably wouldn’t have seen the positive change in my health.

R is for Research

Pretty much as soon as I got home from the hospital after they told me there was nothing I could do about my arthritis and that it will only get worse, I began researching and have done ever since.

I’ve studied things on the internet, in books, clinical studies, health magazines, health forums, other health blogs, watched hours of videos of different lecturers.

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I didn’t have to put all that time into it, I could have greeted the doctor’s words with acceptance and just agreed that my life would have little quality and a lot of pain.

I could be suffering pain daily and having to take prescribed painkillers and enduring unpleasant to horrific side effects. I know from reading a lot of forums that there are many people living this way.

As with most things you get out what you put in and you reap what you sow.

Knowledge is power and the more effort we put into learning and understanding this disease the better equipped we are to live pain-free.

I haven’t had to take any pharmaceutical painkillers in just over a year. Not one!

One reason for this is most definitely due to the hours I have spent researching.

I have researched the disease itself, the alternative medications that are natural with no side effects, the different strength and flexibility exercises there are and much much more!

Do it yourself!

We see many adverts for different research places and societies, cancer research, arthritis research, Alzheimer’s research and so on.

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A lot of people may be tempted to sit back and think, there are a load of scientists out there trying to discover a cure so I will leave them to it.

That is not the way to look at it, who says it will be a scientist who does discover the cure if indeed there is one.

Let’s face it after all the money pumped into cancer research in England we now stand at a rate of 1 in 2 people that will get cancer in their lifetime!

That is obviously half the population!

That could mean either me or my wife, hypothetically.

No cure has been found and the contradictory advice and guidelines that have come out over the years are ridiculous.

Don’t eat red meat it causes cancer!

Really? Oh, maybe not maybe just bacon. So avoid bacon then? No, actually we think it might be the sausages, bacon might be okay.

What about other red meat can I eat it? Yes! No! Maybe no more than 70 grams a week!

What is that the equivalent of?

1 sausage. I thought I couldn’t eat sausages?

Oh, we discovered sausages may be alright, it’s beef that’s bad unless it’s grass fed.

So I’ll buy grass-fed and that’s okay then? No, actually it’s organic you need to buy!

Okay organic then?

We’re not sure that matters anymore but whatever you do don’t eat eggs!!!

Forgive my ramblings but you can start to see how these health warnings change like the weather and they don’t seem to be any closer to discovering cause or cure of diseases.

So you want some more clarity on what you should be doing, then do your own research, educate yourself about your condition.

You have a very direct advantage over scientists in a lab, you are living with this disease daily, you know how it feels, you know what pain you are in and what increases that pain.

The more you research you may find things you want to try that will help reduce that pain whether that be vitamins, diet, exercises, meditation.

You will begin to find things that help you and you can then start to form your own arthritis toolkit so to speak, that’s all I ever did.

I found things that did nothing, things that made it worse and things that helped incredibly. I have my own go to tools and together they have kept me pretty much pain-free for over a year and not needing as much as paracetamol.

In the past 6 months, I have also noticed that after sitting for periods of time I do not struggle to start walking again when I stand. It is also taking me a lot less time to get going in the morning.

Little significant victories!


I hope this has helped to highlight the importance of doing our own research.

Remember research doesn’t have to be some of the stuff I listed above that may seem heavy going. Research can be as simple as talking to fellow sufferers.

If you aren’t a part of a group I recommend you join one they have plenty on social media where people can support each other and also offer warnings on things that haven’t worked for them or even better offer tips on things that have.

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Kind of what we are trying to do here, trying to gather as many tools and as much helpful information as we can, so people reading have the possibility to reduce their pain and have a higher quality of life.

Speaking of groups I might look at creating a Facebook one that’s linked to The Arthritis Fight so we can form a wider community and continue the mission of helping ourselves and each other.

I’ll keep you posted. Speak soon.


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