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Hi everyone I hope you are all well!

We are going to have a look at another tool today, it is something else to keep in mind when looking to conquer our arthritis pain!

Q is for Quality

What we mean by this is, we highlight things you can use to help with arthritis pain. From things such as certain foods to vitamins to equipment.

There is an old saying that you get what you pay for and that is the point we want to make in this article.

We speak about food and more importantly eating the right foods that cause the least inflammation. Something to consider when buying food is the quality and we discussed this in O in the toolkit.

I am not going to go over this in too much detail and run the risk of boring you all by repeating myself.

Simply put,


Quality Control, Quality

We also talk about the use of vitamins and supplements, most people struggle to get close to their recommended daily dose of nutrients, so when we fall short of these we need to supplement.

The vitamin and supplement industry is one of the strongest growing markets and shows no sign of slowing, as people are taking more interest in their health and looking for alternative medicines.

Due to such a huge demand there comes with that an oversaturation of choice, you can type in one kind of vitamin and be confronted with a wealth of different options.

So how do you know which one to choose?

A few tips:

Amazon is a place where you can compare products by price and also rating, these ratings come from customer reviews.

Customer reviews are a great way to give you an insight into the products quality, there will also be comments that talk about delivery and service from the company providing the goods.

This brings me nicely onto the next point eventually, maybe after some trial and error, you will want to find a company you can rely on.

A company you can rely on for quality and fast service.

Customer, Expectation, Service, Quality

After some trial and error myself, I have found that the company Nu U Nutrition have been an excellent provider in terms of service and quality.

Look for things such as organic, GMO-free and meets GMP standards. 

GMP is good manufacturing practice it’s there to ensure that products are produced to certain standards of quality and gives you some reassurance and confidence when buying.

Workout well

Quality can even mean workout equipment and exercise.

As we talked about you get what you pay for and obviously the better quality gym equipment you buy the better it should be for you, generally speaking.

With regard to exercise, quality is vitally important, if you are lifting weights each rep should be of high quality meaning each rep should be smooth and clean with good form.

Each time you perform an exercise incorrectly you are wasting time as you most likely won’t be getting any benefit and you are heightening the risk of injury.

Quality might not seem like a tool that is going to make much difference to the arthritis pain you are suffering from. Though if we break it down as we have above:

Quality food, quality vitamins and quality exercise = a healthier you

Many people are just looking for something to work specifically to their problems, for instance, if they have knee pain they want a fix for that particular problem.

Seal, Seal Of Approval, High, Quality

Perhaps we should come at it from a different angle and begin to fix our overall health and wellness then maybe our knee pain or whatever it is will get better as a result of that.

A lot of people will say that they can’t afford to pay for higher quality foods and vitamins.

That’s your choice and only you know what you can afford financially. I don’t advocate getting into debt to achieve these recommended products.

I do think you can shift priorities though, that’s what I did so that I could afford it. I downgraded the TV package, my mobile phone contract and made money available for the health products I classed as more important to me.

Doctors told me when I was diagnosed with arthritis to expect a lower quality of life.


 I have been awakened by this disease and had my eyes opened to life and what I want from it and I won’t stop until I get it!

I urge all of you to strive for more, find that quality in products that can optimise your health and give you the best chance of achieving a HIGHER quality of life!

What do you think? Do you have any goals you want to achieve? Can you see the relationship between quality and wellness? Let us know your thoughts!

Quality, Hand, Write, Pen, Signature

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