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Hello everyone, today we take a look at the next tool that we can use in our fight against arthritis.

On the face of it this will seem very simple and basic, some of you may even dismiss it.

For those who truly try to implement it they will discover how hard it can be!

P is for Positivity

Some people may groan at this and think can’t you find anything more powerful for this tool and my answer is, no.

The truth is this is one of the most powerful tools when implemented, my reasons are as follows.

“I’m just an unlucky person!”

“Nothing good ever happens to me!”

“It’s too late for me to change!”

“I don’t think I can!”

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What all these statements have in common, besides being negative, is that they are inner voices, thoughts.

That’s what our thoughts are, they are us having an internal conversation with ourselves and we do it a lot!

We even do it when we are being spoken to, our partner may be complaining about a job we were asked to do and didn’t. Whilst they are talking we might think to ourselves I don’t want to hear this moaning so I will think about what’s for dinner instead.

It’s a continual dialogue and that’s fine, it is the content of the dialogue that needs addressing.

Having said that it can be incredibly difficult to address this issue, there are certain variables such as social pressure and conditions, there is your programmed mindset and health.

Obviously positivity is an important tool for anyone but as this is an arthritis site I will discuss the impact that has on positive thinking.

Some people say, you wake up in the morning and you can choose to be happy or sad, to look forward to the day or to fear it.

That is all well and good but what if you have been awake most of the night in pain, what if you take your first steps out of bed and it hurts, not so simple then is it.

This can happen regularly when living with arthritis but just because that makes it harder to be positive it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try!

I am a positive person, why? Because if I truly believed I was going to be in pain the rest of my life, be severely limited on what I can do and expect further surgeries in the future, I don’t know how I would have the strength to get out of bed and face the day.

That was all information told to me by the surgeon after delivering his arthritis diagnosis and like I say if I were to believe that I would have given up there and then!

I didn’t give up because I believe I have the power to change those outcomes, I refuse to become those statements!

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Re-program and control

Since my diagnosis I have been on a quest for health, I have addressed a lot of the physical issues but just as importantly, I have addressed the mental issues.

Negative statements like I gave at the start are examples of a persons default settings, I would like to state that by default I don’t mean from birth.

What I am referring to is the default state of mind that we have developed over time due to different factors.

I believe at birth our state of mind is at it’s purest, we are full of wonder and excitement, we aren’t shackled by feelings of inadequacy or FEAR.





Or whatever you want to describe fear as is one of the major issues when overcoming negativity, we can fear the world, we fear we aren’t good enough (fear of failure), we fear something bad will happen.

Fear can be consuming, overwhelming, cause uncertainty and doubt.

We have to overcome these fears and replace them with hopes. Do not be afraid to change, do not be afraid to try new things, do not be afraid to fail.

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It has been said that a person who has never failed has never learned.

The overcoming is part of re-programming our minds in an effort to develop a new default setting, a positive one.

Instead of telling myself my pain will get worse each year, I tell myself it will get better each year! And it has.

Of course that is as a result of other things I am doing as well, whether that be prayer, exercise, vitamins, oh dear I just realised I have referenced Hulk Hogan there “Say your prayers and eat your vitamins brother!”

Back on track, you need to re-program and once you do that and alter your outlook on what life is and what it can be, you must then control those inner voices.

If your house gets robbed you don’t just replace all the things taken, you improve security, maybe get an alarm system, upgrade locks on doors and windows.

The same needs to be done when you have re-programmed your mind.

Police, Security, Safety, Protection

You need to control negative thoughts and rid them from your conscious, this can be done by immediately discarding them.

If a little voice tells you that you can’t do something your new and improved mind immediately bites back and says, you’re wrong of course I can do it!

You may have a business meeting and imagine what will happen if it goes wrong, instead quickly replace this thought with one of the meeting going exactly to plan and tell yourself that’s what will happen!

This is the kind of security you need to keep doing for the mind. You need to keep filtering away this negativity, if you have negative feelings towards your job then take steps to change it, if you have negative people around you then change them.

People who are around you can have a massive impact on how you view yourself and life.

It is often said that if you surrounded yourself with 5 bankrupt people then you will become the sixth, surround yourself with 5 millionaires and you will become the sixth!

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Change your belief system

Following on from what we have said about the influence of people, find some new people to be influenced by, find a role model.

You have an acquaintance who is constantly happy and positive, has a fantastic way of viewing life, spend more time around them, learn how and why they have that view.

There is enough people in the world to be able to find ones that you want to emulate.

Daily affirmations can be an incredible tool, when you wake up say out loud “This is going to be a great day, I am ready for whatever life throws at me, I am powerful!”.

Repeat it until you believe it, for heavens’ sake shout it if you want, scream it at the world until you feel that power pumping through your veins.

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Stop feeling inadequate next to others, we were all created equal so no one can be superior to you!

Find a song or piece of music that inspires you and makes you feel positive, if you don’t think that will help then think of the amount of people in the world who are in a gym right now, with headphones on listening to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ from the Rocky films.

Is ‘too good to be true’ limiting?

We all got told this expression from our grandparents and parents, it gets passed down and quickly becomes a belief.

“If something is too good to be true it usually is”.

What if it isn’t too good to be true, what if it is exactly what I thought it would be, exactly what I demanded it be!


Challenge yourself to become more positive, think of all the opportunities that still lay ahead of you, become the person that others talk about and say “God I wish I had their attitude to life!”.

Let’s now take a look back at the statements from the beginning and using our new-found positive mindset, flip them to match that mindset.

“I’m just an unlucky person!”

“Nothing good ever happens to me!”

“It’s too late for me to change!”

“I don’t think I can!”

Now they become…

“I make my own good fortune through my positive attitude!”

“Good things continually happen to me because I expect them!”

“It’s NEVER too late to change!”


By simply altering those statements we have gone from an insecure person who is terrified of failure and expects the worst, to someone who is assured, accepts failure learns from it and expects nothing but good things from life!

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So there we go, another important tool is added to our kit.

As I said at the start it isn’t easy to implement but it is certainly worth trying, for us who have arthritis think of the things you can still do instead of focusing on what you can no longer do.


I am always curious to know your thoughts so let me know in the comments below or on our social media platforms.

Do you feel that you are constantly looking at things with a negative viewpoint? Has this given you the inspiration to change? Are you a positive person already who agrees with the benefits of this way of thinking? Or do you simply think this is useless and lost all respect for me when I mentioned Hulk Hogan?

Let us know.

All the best


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