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Hello everyone!

Today we will look at the next tool in our list, one I consider vitally important and I use it every day.

N is for Niacinamide

A fantastic tool niacinamide is one of the B vitamins, known as vitamin B3. I take this vitamin in capsule form every day and I do believe that taking this supplement is one of the reasons why I don’t have to take anti-inflammatory medication.

It can be used to treat a nicotinic acid (or niacin as it is known) deficiency. This deficiency tends to occur in civilisations that don’t have a varied diet.

When you peruse the ingredient list on the back of foods that you use there is a good chance that you will find niacin listed on a lot of them.

It can be found in breakfast cereals, I have seen it listed in Quorn products and like most useful vitamins it can be found in green veggies!

It is a component of two co enzymes that are found in all living cells and they are involved in cellular metabolism.

The first enzyme is Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide or NAD when abbreviated.

The second enzyme is Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate or NADP when abbreviated.

These co enzymes support the transfer of electrons to molecules and have also shown to be capable of transmitting information from the nerves to cells.

They are also involved in the important job of releasing energy from nutrients in the body and many other vital processes are supported by them.


There have been many reported benefits which include improvements to brain function as it can help repair cells.

Of course what we are most concerned with is the benefit for arthritis, there is some research from a study that was conducted on rats that showed promising results in relation to reduced pain and improved mobility.Sunset Beach Group Jump People Friends Cel

The same as most things like this more research is needed.

Some research was also conducted by Dr Kaufman an American physician, this was a test on humans and the results were very positive.

He found that when taking low, regular doses of niacinamide patients saw a reduction in pain as well as an improvement in range of motion.

It is believed that due to Niacinamide being used for cellular energy and healing, small doses (around 100 – 250 milligrams) taken at regular intervals throughout the day can keep a regular flow to the affected area.

This is of course great news for us all.

I have taken this regularly for roughly three years I think. I may not have seen much improvement in motion, especially dorsiflexion, the upward movement I really crave.

That being said I have seen great reductions in pain and of course this year, so far, I haven’t taken any pharmaceutical medications.

I am able to take our dog on long walks through the woods nearby.

Obviously I would love to be running round there with her but one step at a time.

As I have mentioned before all these things I am trying might not lead to me curing myself but they may well lead to me living a less painful life, with more control over it!

A must have!

I would urge you to purchase some of this wonderful vitamin, especially those of you who are taking pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories.

We all know they can cause stomach problems and other side effects, so if by taking Niacinamide you can lower or even stop the anti-inflammatories that will be a win!

I will put a link at the bottom to the one I currently take or you can click the image but of course you can do your own shopping around.

I would think it will be widely available as it is quite a commonly needed supplement.

For those who have a keen interest in cosmetics it is also said that Niacinamide can improve appearance making your skin look younger and healthier!

Take a look at my picture below and judge for yourself, I’m 67! I’ll wait while you look…


Alright then maybe I can’t convince you based on the skin benefits but we are here for the arthritic benefits and this little beauty will give you a very important one, LESS PAIN.

Good luck to you all, love to hear from you leave a comment below or on our social media platforms.

Speak soon, Andy.

Click here for the Niacinamide I am using 🙂

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