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We are at the next tool in the kit.

M is for meditation

I have mentioned this before and I think that highly of it that it makes The A-Z Arthritis Toolkit.

Before my accident I would never have considered meditating. If anyone had suggested I try it I would have laughed at them and said no thanks!

Whether it be due to a life-changing accident or a result of growing and maturing as an adult, I couldn’t imagine not having meditation in my life now.

We are going to take a look in to meditation, it’s benefits and how you can get started.

What is meditation?

In my opinion meditation is about being in the moment and looking in to your mind.Dalai Lama Holiness Love Loving Kindness N

It is about concentrating your mind and finding clarity.

Meditation originates from Buddhism teachings and is used to strengthen the mind.

It interests me that the use of meditation is on the rise, as new technology and gadgets continue to flood the market.

Meditation involves distancing yourself from distractions and looking inward in to your consciousness.

It interests me that more people are turning to meditation and feeling the need for it.

Is it possible that people are realising by being constantly distracted by their televisions, mobile phones and other gadgets, they are weakening their mind to an extent.

Benefits of meditating

  • Relieves stress and provides perspective.

There is no doubting that modern society brings a wide array of stresses.  That doesn’t look like changing!Sad Depressed Depression Sadness Young Per

Am I too fat? Too skinny?

Do I earn more than my friends? Do I drive a nice car? Do I live in a nice neighbourhood?

Am I watching the television programs that are popular?

Am I playing the console games or apps that are popular?

There are of course a million more stresses.

As a task when you have read this leave a comment below with a stress that effects you regularly.

Sadly as the stresses increase it puts added pressure on the human mind.

You can be in the best physical condition possible but if something is continuing to bother or hurt you emotionally, you will eventually lose the battle with stress.

For a long time now there has been a lot made of appearance, women should be skinny with curves in the ‘right’ places, men should be muscly with a stomach hard enough to sharpen iron.

Unfortunately the same emphasis hasn’t been put on making your mental health rock solid.

This is where meditation comes in.

By taking some time, in a quiet, relaxing place you can soothe the stresses. Focus on yourself, accept the things you can change and the things that are out of your control.

Release negativity and welcome positivity.

Remind yourself what you have and what you are capable of.

By stepping away from a problem and taking a different view of it, you can gain a new perspective.

Ask yourself the questions again.Obese, Weight, Loss, Man, Nutritionist

Am I too fat or skinny? A different perspective would be, do I have people who love me for me and do I love myself?

Do I care what people think of my size if they are judging me by whether I match a certain body shape criteria pedalled by the media?

Do I earn more than my friends? Maybe you do but maybe they live happier lives, so maybe money can’t keep you happy.

You get the idea, meditation helps us find this perspective.

How do I meditate?

It is completely up to you I would say.

I have spoken before that I use the Calm app on my phone as it has different meditation sessions for different issues such as depression, motivation, willpower.Vipassana Meditation Candle Flame Consciou

Some people attend meditation classes, there are even live meditation sessions online that you can do at home.

Meditation sessions can involve focusing on an object such as a candle.

Some involve closing your eyes and mentally scanning your body and many more.

However you do it you need to make the environment you are in conducive to calmness. Meaning turn the television or radio off, put your phone on silent, even shut your windows if you are at home and noise is filtering in.

Of course some noise can be used as a central focus to meditating. I live by the coast and have known people to meditate on the beach at sunrise whilst listening to the sound of waves.

Quick quiz do you know what the coast, beach, sunrise and waves have in common? I’ll answer at the end, I know cliffhanger, I’m all about building suspense as you can tell!

How is this an arthritis tool?

Well I have kind of answered that already.Mental Health, Abstract, Anatomy, Art

Mental strength.

There is that famous quote about life beating you down and continuing to move forward.

Well when you are suffering from arthritis or any chronic disease, the beatings can come thick and fast at times!

You can have a good day, or week or even month and then arthritis will slap you in the face, trip you up and on occasion kick you when you are down, in the privates.


To be able to take the beatings and get back up, you need to have a large degree of mental strength and the point of meditation is by continuing to practice it, you are developing that mental strength.

The same way sit ups will strengthen your core. Meditation will strengthen your mind.

Again, a lot of it is perspective and that can be hard to achieve. Especially when there are dark times and you are in pain, but by remembering to take time to refocus, you are taking back control of the situation.

We come in to the world with a certain innocence, positivity and purity that during the course of our life gets eaten away by events, pressures and experiences.

We need to be careful not to let all of it get eaten away, because then we would be in a truly dark place. As well as missing out on some of the wonders of life and the Earth!

That’s another tool added to the kit and I hope you all see the benefit of it and at least give it a try, I did and was amazed by the difference to my ‘self’.

Oh the answer to the question was they are all free, that’s completely free, not free with in-app purchases, FREE!

“Maybe the solutions to our problems were put on the Earth when it was made, we have just forgotten where to find them!” Said by me 4th October 2018.Sunrise, Seascape, Ocean, Beach, Sea





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12 thoughts on “The A-Z Arthritis Toolkit – M

  1. Hi Andy!

    Great article! My grandmother suffered from a severe and crippling form of arthritis. She was a strong woman but I wish I would have known about this meditation technique when I was younger. I am a yoga practitioner now and meditation come with the program. It is very powerful. I also find that getting into nature and breathing fresh air help with just about everything. Again, great read!


    1. Hi Steve thank you so much for sharing and reading!

      My wife’s Grandmother also suffers and is crippled by arthritis and seeing her in pain just urges me to research more and find something that can help her.

      I agree I love walking my dog and getting plenty of fresh air!

  2. Great article, my meditation time envovles myself and a hour a day with no phone on. Sitting either on the front porch listening to birds or watching the butterflies. A quiet time to reflect. Also love the beach my favorite just came back from a week there. I did nothing except watch the waves with phone off all week. A person must recharge their batteries. I also have Rhumatoid Arthritis and just had a very difficult flare could barely walk.with a walker. Meditation along with the right meds works for me.

    1. Hi Scarlett thank you for your great comments and taking the time to read the article!

      The examples you have given sound so relaxing, I too love the beach and the sound of the waves. I even use my Calm app at night to play sounds of waves crashing to help me sleep.

      Thank you for sharing Scarlett!

  3. Andy, this article is fantastic. Meditation is something I came across in a book I read by Scott Cunningham and much of the recommendations you give here match his, like focusing on an object, and most definitely stress release.

    I have many stresses in my life, but unlike many others, mind tend to be brought on by myself, as I’m the world’s most notorious overthinker. Whether I’m going to succeed at writing, will the risks I’m taking pay off, and whether I’m utilizing my time efficiently. The list never ends. I definitely need to get back into meditation as the benefits are priceless.

    1. Hi Todd thank you for reading and sharing!

      We sound very similar my friend, I am a massive over-thinker as well and struggle with the same things you have mentioned. That’s why I really enjoy the escape meditation gives me!

      I haven’t read the book by Scott Cunningham but I will add it to my ‘to read’ list, thank you!

  4. Hi Andy i think this is a great post and it is very helpful to the person that wants a way of coping in this harsh world. No need to be a junkie as meditation can also give a natural high through the brainwaves like gamma,theta,delta and beta that are associated with regular meditation. All round i enjoyed reading your post, great job.

    1. Hi Tsitso thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

      You are right it certainly does give you a high and can be used as a great coping tool which many people need in this stressful world, glad you enjoyed it!

  5. I hear about the benefits of meditation ever so often, but never consider it. Recently, I have been feeling some pain in the palm of my right hand. My first thought is that I have arthritis. In fact, I just ordered a pain rub. While I am waiting for it to arrive, I’ll certainly try meditation. Hope it really helps.

    1. Hi Carol good to hear from you!

      I think there are massive benefits to meditation ?‍♀️ I hope you give it a try!

      Let me know how you get on, if you are looking for a good pain rub take a look at our product reviews there are some good ones there!

  6. Great post Andy. I have been working on my meditation skills for a few months now, and have found a few things that help me most of the time, so I am always looking for pointers to help me out.
    Your post gave me some more things to think about…to meditate on? lol.

    Do you have any pointers for those days when everything seems to be going wrong and screaming is socially unacceptable (like at work)?

    1. Hi Irma thank you for reading and commenting!

      I had this problem last Friday at work, it was the day from hell.

      I tried to focus on my breathing for a minute just to calm myself.

      It did help I also went for a walk on my dinner hour and got some fresh air.

      If all else fails you can maybe try the elastic band technique. Have it round your wrist and give it a twang when you’re stressed!

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