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Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and continuing your own fight back against chronic disease!

We are now moving onto F in the arthritis toolkit, which hasn’t been the easiest of ones to identify.

I will give a mention to food, we have talked about diet before and I think nowadays that people are very aware that it can have a big effect on their symptoms.

F for Fresh Air

Alright I can hear people already sighing and thinking what an utter anti-climax, stay with me and I will give you my reasoning.Road in Tuscany, Italy Free Stock Photo Download

It is a beautiful sunny day as I write this, I am in my back garden with my laptop, enjoying the weather whilst talking to you all.

The reason I bring up fresh air, is that I wonder whether we are all getting enough of it in this modern technological society we live in.

When I was younger, (oh my this will make me feel old) I was often outside with a football, on a bit of green near my house, come rain or shine.

I loved being outdoors, usually because there wasn’t many distractions in the home. Okay there was television but I was only allowed to watch a couple of cartoons before my Dad would put the news channel on.

If none of my friends would come out I would just play in the back garden, I was still outside.

The electronic games I had was a gameboy and THE original Nintendo and again my parents would limit the amount of time I spent on them.

PS3, PS4, PSP, Xbox, etc etc etc

There is just so much choice and so much for kids to desire with regard to electrical games.

I’m not going to harp on and on and be that guy who wanders around town saying, I remember when this was all fields!

Even when I walk or drive round town, I seem to see less and less kids kicking a ball around on a patch of green. With the penalty fines now given out to dog owners for not clearing up there dogs mess, there should be more kids playing.

They have got it easy, them fines were not in place when I was young, playing football you could go in for a slide tackle and end up covered in it, then have to face your Mum when you got home.

There are now so many distractions that kids AND adults are loosing their connection with nature and the great outdoors. Kids will have there friends round and they can both be sat in silence, playing on their individual devices.

Sadly, they will never get the thrill and adrenaline rush of you and your best friend, trying to figure out a way to get over your neighbours fence to get your ball back, without getting caught!

Adults can be as bad, we can work all day then come home and watch television till we go to bed. What about those that work indoors, literally the only fresh air they could be getting is walking to and from their car when traveling to and from work!

What’s your point?

I hear you ask, I do feel we as a society should get back to embracing the outdoors, like we used to when there were no distractions.

Some research has shown people who work outdoors to be happier and live longer, though of course this doesn’t Stone Beach and Blue Sea Free Stock Photo Downloadmean that’s what will happen for everyone, there will be miserable outdoor workers who die early.

And of course not everyone can work outside, but for those who can’t, maybe that’s why they should make more of an effort to get outside and breathe in some fresh air.

This Monday just gone, me, my wife and the dog got in the car and drove about an hour to a town by the coast. We walked up and down the promenade, had a chip bun and an ice cream cone (very British).

We all really enjoyed it for the couple of hours we were there. I personally find it very stress relieving and calming walking by the sea with all that open air. That night we slept like babies, minus wetting the bed. The exercise coupled with the fresh sea air sent us to a deep sleep.


I know some might not agree and others may think I am going overboard, but how toxic is our house?

Yes in the summer months you can open doors to let more fresh air in, but in the winter months, when all you can let in are small amounts through window openings, what is the air quality like in our house?

I purchased a plug in air purifier for our home and I will get round to writing a review about it in due course, so you have more details, but for now that’s not what this post is about.

Dust, mould, cleaning chemicals, air freshener (plug in or sprays), scented candles, yes I have even thrown scented candles in to the mix.

I worry about these things in the home, most cleaning agents and odour agents have toxic labels on them, even our toothpastes say use it but please don’t swallow a lot of it.

I know people will have varying opinions on this and as always I welcome your comments and interactions below. Social media for The Arthritis Fight is all set up now, so feel free to connect with me on there and share views and advice.

F in the toolkit is fresh air, whether you agree with me about house toxicity or not I would hope most would agree there is no substitute for being out in the earth provided for us!

“You can’t change who you are, but you can change what you have in your head, you can refresh what you’re thinking about, you can put some fresh air in your brain”.

Ernesto Bertarelli

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4 thoughts on “The A-Z Arthritis Toolkit – F

  1. I completely agree and I believe that any time that we can be outside of our house or work, our lives will improve. We are hunter/gatherers and are meant to spend most of our time outside, getting sunshine and fresh air. I try to get out for 10 or 20 minutes in early spring just to connect with thawing nature. And of course more time outside as the weather gets warmer. I know that it makes my aching joints feel much better. Thank you for this timely reminder!

  2. Good post, yes arthritis need to be care of mental well being. because it need to be keep in control with healthy life and ways to cure with passage of time . And for sure , exposing with various activities can bring peaceful life.

    1. Hi Ganesh thanks for reading and commenting!

      I agree with you we should endeavour to live a healthy life, especially when we are suffering chronic disease it then becomes paramount!

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