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Here we go, we are now at letter D! I’m getting through at a decent pace but I still see a lot of blank letters when I get further down my list. So any suggestions more than welcome.

D for Diary

I think the only time I have ever used a diary was at school, maybe used is a strong word I never saw much benefit from it at the time. Now at the age of 31 I find myself owning my own diary, paid for by myself it wasn’t even a gift.

The intention is to record my daily activities and what I eat and drink inside it. This is in the hope that when I experience bad painful days I can look back and find a pattern and therefore a trigger.

What would be the benefits?

In regard to keeping track of what I eat, the benefits could be:Colorful Strawberry Close Up Free Stock Photo Download

  • Finding trigger foods – Some foods can trigger certain conditions in people, I have recently worked with a guy who had to stop eating strawberries because it triggered his gout. I may find a pattern between foods I have eaten and days when the pain has been more intense.
  • Variety of food – It is always said a good diet includes a wide variety of different foods so we are getting the range of vitamins and minerals we need.
  • Weight control – Of course weight control is important when joints are suffering. By keeping track of what food I have eaten and actually being able to see it in black and white, it may make it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

Benefits of recording drinks:

  • Hydration – Staying hydrated is vitally important, it helps the blood flow round the body to our joints and organs. As we know plenty of water is key, I may even find on some nights when my ankle is sore that I haven’t consumed enough water.
  • Caffeine – It may be worth keeping track of caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea and fizzy drinks. These could also increase acid levels in the body leading to inflammation.

Benefits of recording exercise:

  • Overdoing it / not doing enough – Sometimes when I am having a good day, pretty much pain free I can be guilty of overdoing it. Recording my activities could be a way of seeing when I have pushed too hard, it could also show when I haven’t done enough, which may cause a lot of stiffness during the day.
  • Trigger activities – There may be a certain activity that shows a pattern of causing a negative effect, the other hand it could show a positive effect.

Final thoughts

I do feel as though recording this information in a diary on a daily basis could show up some interesting trends and Man in Running Shoes Ready to Run Free Stock Photo Downloadcorrelations.

There is also the benefit of finding trigger foods, drinks or activities. As well as helping weight control and ensuring we get a variety of different foods.

What do you think about keeping a record? Any thoughts more than welcome, just comment below!




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20 thoughts on “The A-Z Arthritis Toolkit – D

  1. Well, will definitely be taking this on board! My Mum and I are currently suffering loads with our knees, and are in so much pain. However blood tests have ruled out arthritis hmm?
    I do think more exercise is on the cards though!

    Thanks for the useful info

    1. Thanks for your comment Kelly, sorry to hear you and your Mum are suffering. Yes exercise is vitally important and is actually my next post subject. Thanks for reading!

  2. Yes a diary as you grow older becomes a necessity, with the many life changes especially after you hit 30. You need to keep track of your health to determine when you trip and need a recharge. Plus it is always a good idea to look back at your diary and see where you came from.

  3. Hello Andy, nice post I must say. I may want to consider keeping track of my eating habits, and daily exercises. It would benefit me a lot. Thanks again, and I wish you the best of luck within the online business!!!

  4. This is something I know a bit about since my wife has suffered from Ankylosing Spondylitis and arthritis for a number of years now. I spent many hours on the Internet and diet was/is a big issue, but found that supplements do actually work for some with these conditions, such as “glucosamine sulphate”.

    Keeping a diary is a great way of controlling how you live with this condition because every day can be different and learning to live with the pain is a constant battle.

    Good points and a worthy cause.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Mick thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear your wife is suffering but glad to hear you have been proactive, I take a range of supplements for my arthritis.
      I wish you and your wife all the best, thanks for reading!

  5. Hi Andy great post. I found it to be very informative. I have Sporiatic arthritis and it is true one should keep a diary and keep track of food triggers and activity triggers.

  6. This is a very interesting article. I do agree with you that keeping a record is very important. It keeps yourself accountable.

    Just curious what kind of food is good for alleviating arthritis?

    1. Thanks for your comment Jerry, I often say none acidic and detoxifying foods such as celery, cucumber, ginger, turmeric. I always try to eat fresh organic food where possible, like to have oily fish for helping joints. I go through stages of eating vegetarian foods and vegan foods, I do a lot of juices and smoothies.

  7. My mom loves writing everything except her daily food intake. I think suggesting her to monitor and record this as well can help her remember and realize what triggers her arthritis the most. Good idea. Thank you for this!

    1. I don’t blame her, I used to wonder why I would put weight on and would think I didn’t eat that much until I wrote it down and saw it in black and white. Yes it can be incredibly beneficial for finding trigger foods.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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