The A-Z Arthritis Toolkit – B

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Here we are at B already and the excitement is palpable!

Before we get stuck in I want to give an honourable mention to berries and of course boswellia serrata. Berries are packed full of antioxidants which we all know are beneficial for our bodies.

Those who have read my other posts will know about my opinion on boswellia serrata, so I am not going to beat it to death. For those that haven’t read about it you can have a look here.

B for Breathing

Alright so not in Nobel prize territory yet, though by breathing I mean doing correct breathing exercises. I have mentioned before that there is so much stress in modern society and that’s without adding the stress of chronic pain.Tree, Natur, Nightsky, Cloud, Meadow

The truth is the majority of us do not breathe correctly, yes we are still alive but we are not breathing deeply as we should.

I like to take 10-15 minutes a day in silence to focus on my breathing, I find it a useful exercise in my daily routine.

You can focus on it yourself or you can use an aid such as the Calm app I have referred to before.

By taking deep breaths we supply our cells and organs with more oxygen which will improve circulation and lower blood pressure.

It will also help us take our focus off the pain as we shift the focus to the breathing.

In todays world of modern technological distractions I do find it refreshing to turn off the T.V., tablet or mobile phone and just spend some time truly concentrating on the breath going in and out my body.

Deep breaths, count to 10

Again another old saying proves to be so beneficial!Yoga, Outdoor, Woman, Pose, Young

Stopping to take focused deep breaths can reduce anxiety and stress.

I have spoken before about stress and the fight or flight response, taking shorter breaths can also contribute to putting the body into this stressful state.

By taking longer, deeper breaths, it can act as a calming influence on the whole nervous system reassuring it that there is no danger.

In conclusion

That’s A and B done then! Both are different but their goal is the same, to help the body perform at it’s top-level.

I do recommend that we add this exercise to our daily routine, it can be for as long or short as you like it to be, but in solitude take some time to focus and breathe deeply (correctly).

You may find that when the arthritis pain is at it’s worst during the day, performing this exercise may help take your mind off the pain, at least for a short while.

As usual any comments are welcome and I look forward to hearing from you!

Keep checking back for C in the A-Z arthritis toolkit!

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2 thoughts on “The A-Z Arthritis Toolkit – B

  1. Thank you Andy for such an awesome post.
    I worked for a pulmonologist for years. I learned from him the importance of proper breathing. I know first hand that your tips and techniques are true and prove to be tremendous help with pain.
    We would actually send patients to a breathing coach to teach the the proper technique.
    I hope others will find your post, so they you may help them as well.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Lee Ann! Yes I do think it is vitally important and hopefully people can take that away from this.
      Thanks for reading!

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