The A-Z Arthritis Toolkit – A

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Ok so I am going to try something here.

I want to make an A-Z guide of things that we can use in our fight against arthritis. We all want to ease the pain caused by arthritis and live a better quality of life.

I will kick this off with the first one but may need some suggestions in the comments below for other letters. Basically it will be the first letter of whatever product you use that helps your arthritis symptoms.

A for Apple

I know what you are thinking, pretty exciting start!

The thing is there is no quick fix out there for arthritis so I do think we need to incorporate a number of different tools to our arsenal. I will want to be covering all different areas, this won’t just be a list of foods.

That being said A is for Apple because I believe we should all eat them.Apple Cider Vinegar, Food, Harvest

There are many many health benefits from eating apples but in relation to arthritis, apples have vitamin c a powerful antioxidant that has the ability to block damage from free radicals.

They can boost the body’s immune system as well as providing good gut bacteria which can help against obesity, which in turn will mean less body weight = less pressure on joints.

No I am not saying eat apples and watch the weight drop off.

It is fairly obvious that if you eat a large pizza you won’t be able to counter the weight gain by eating an apple.

We need to be realistic, we already know that a balanced diet is best for us and so the apples just become another important part of that.

Besides all the other gifts that apples can offer us such as calcium, potassium, I not only eat them, I use organic apple cider vinegar.

I have a spoonful in a mug with boiling water and a spoonful of organic raw honey, it can make a great hot drink in the morning and has great detoxifying qualities for our bodies.

I tend to buy organic apples where possible, I am always conscious of what has been sprayed or injected into the foods we eat.

An apple a day then!

So that’s the first one done, will we make it through to Z?Apples on Farmers Market Free Stock Photo Download

Who knows.

As usual any comments and ideas from you are always welcome, just comment below!

If we can all get sharing ideas and techniques maybe we could soon end up with a very effective and potent A-Z arthritis toolkit.

Lets keep working together in the pursuit of an active pain-free life!

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2 thoughts on “The A-Z Arthritis Toolkit – A

  1. I really love your idea of doing an A to Z for this. Apple is the obvious choice for A, as you said, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Thank you for the info!

    1. Hi Ruth thanks for your comment. Yes I am hoping I haven’t been too ambitious with the A-Z, I can promise it will get marginally more exciting then apple haha.
      Thanks for reading!

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