Welcome to The Arthritis Fight!

Hello my fellow fighters.

My name is Andy I have severe osteoarthritis in my ankle, you can read more about my story here. I created this website originally so I could blog and keep a kind of diary of my journey.

Before I did this I felt a little cut off, like I didn’t have people to talk to that understood what and how I was feeling.

Since doing this I have managed to connect with a lot of wonderful people who know exactly what I am talking about. The writing of the articles on here became very therapeutic for me.


Over the years my condition has significantly improved, I have gone from being told my only option to eliminate the pain was to have my leg amputated to now living life with next to no pain and I am gradually gaining more range of motion in the joint.

Due to my improvements each year against this degenerative disease I expanded The Arthritis Fight to social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.

We are gaining followers and I hope that The Arthritis Fight can genuinely evolve into a place where fighters against arthritis can support each other, share ideas, motivation and encourage our fellow brother and sister.

I feel that in a world that is sadly divided a lot of the time it will be refreshing to see people all across the world helping and being there for each other.

girl carrying white signage board

So be inclined to follow us on social media and join in the discussion.


Feel free to look over our website there are the normal day-to-day blog posts, a section called The A-Z Arthritis Toolkit which isn’t quite finished.

It is, in essence, a tool for each letter that can combat arthritis, the tools have been chosen by me with some suggested by our readers.

There are several product reviews as well and hopefully, you will find the website very valuable.

don't give up. You are not alone, you matter signage on metal fence

I hope to hear from you all and connect with you, for now, I wish you health and happiness.


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