Mirafit Arm and Leg Mini Exercise Resistance Bike – Exercise For Arthritis

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Hey everyone, following on from what we have spoken about in other posts, regarding how to reduce swelling and how to improve circulation in the legs, I have written this article. It describes another piece of equipment I feel will make significant improvements to peoples health.

Strong muscles = happy bones

I’m not trying to say that we all need to become Mr or Mrs Universe and have bulging muscles, but there is no doubting that strong muscles can help us to carry out tasks easier and without putting as much stress on our joints.

I have spoken before about muscle wastage in relation to my arthritic ankle, when the pain is worse the body protects against the pain, by not allowing you to put full weight through the joint.

It can be thought of as a defence mechanism, but in actual fact, by doing this we are opening the door to future problems.Man Hiking Alone in Mountains Free Stock Photo Download

My calf muscle wasted away and was significantly different to my right calf muscle, this led to problems such as imbalance, feeling unsteady on my feet, it also seemed to correspond with an increase in pain in my ankle.

I have since realised that the stronger I get my calf muscle on the affected joint, the less pain I feel when walking and so subsequently I walk better and without a limp.

Imagine it this way, the ankle may send a signal to the brain, saying there is some pain here when moving, this would then be when the brain tells the body to defend and that’s usually achieved by overcompensating and not putting as much weight through the joint.

This WILL have a knock-on effect on adjacent joints such as hips, knees, back.

Though when the calf muscle is strong it steps in before this happens, there is a pain signal but the calf then says it’s OK I’ve got this and the pain can be absorbed through the strength of muscle.

The Mirafit Arm and Leg Mini Exercise Resistance Bike

I have had this exercise bike for a few months now and it has proved to be a very worthy purchase. I wanted something that would help improve my calf muscles, but something that wasn’t too bulky and I could use anywhere.

This little gem has solved those problems!

It is essentially a little foot bike, it can double up and be used for your arms as well, so if you want to tone and strengthen both then this really is a must for you.

I use it whenever I am watching T.V. or reading a book and as always when I am writing my posts on my website, yes I am using it right now!

Round, Cycling, Cyclist, Sport

It has a dial at the front that you can turn to increase or decrease resistance and a LED display above that. The display tells you the usual stuff such as time, distance, calories burned etc.

My calf muscle has improved dramatically in just a few months, I would say I average just 30 minutes a day on it. That has led to an increase in muscle strength and size, which has resulted in me being able to do a lot of activity relatively pain-free, even on days like today when it’s cold and icy outside.


  • A dramatic increase in calf muscle strength and size.
  • Inexpensive considering the benefit (productivity) you get from using it.Man, Adult, Businessman, Laptop, Working
  • Small, portable, use where and when you like.
  • Adjustable resistance for different peoples needs and capabilities.
  • Easy to set up following instructions included.
  • Quick delivery took less than a week to get mine.
  • Also helps loosen stiff joints and increase circulation.


  • Unsure how long it will last for as only had a few months.
  • The resistance dial does not go especially high, so for those looking for a gruelling workout, this will not give you that. But it does give you enough resistance that when used regularly you will see gains in strength and size.

Final Opinion

Personally, I believe this to be a must for anyone who is looking to improve their circulation, reduce swelling, regain muscle strength and size and ultimately reduce arthritic pain.

This machine will help to keep you loose and supple, it will give you back strength you may have lost through muscle wastage and you can use it whenever and wherever suits you best.

For the relatively cheap price the machine is, I believe it has already repaid me back multiple times over, by giving me the strength needed to complete more tasks, whilst doing so pain-free and ultimately using the correct posture to keep me pain-free.

As always any comments and feedback are more than welcome! If there are any questions just leave a comment or email at andy@thearthritisfight.com and I will help where I can!

All the best

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8 thoughts on “Mirafit Arm and Leg Mini Exercise Resistance Bike – Exercise For Arthritis

  1. The mirafit arm and leg mini fit exercise resistance bike, I guess they couldn’t have found a longer name.

    I am surprised I have never thought about a minibike before. Space in my home is almost non-existence and I could use this while on my computer. I wonder how heavy it is though?

    1. Ha this is true Eric, I suppose the could of added some code at the end such as X5000 so we can all be glad they didn’t do that.

      This is great when there is little space and it isn’t heavy at all, it has a handle on it for ease of carrying and is wonderfully portable. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I love this! I love the size and how easy it would be for me to move it from room to room, wherever I might want to exercise. I clicked on the link and the price is GREAT, but says for UK delivery. Do you know if I can get this in the U.S.?

  3. That’s something for me. I have a problem with circulation and veins. My muscles are not strong and I need to increase muscle strength. Mirafit Mini Exercise Bike is exactly what I need. I’m going to the gym once a week but that’s not enough for me. So I’ll have more exercises. Thanks for great post.

    1. Hi Maja thanks for your comment.

      It is excellent for circulation and strengthening muscles and can be used anywhere, working at a desk or sat watching television it has been a great addition to my regime.

  4. It can be good for anyone who needs support during pain in lower part of body. Well technology can be good way to get support, but I believe physical activity routine should be supplemented as primary way to keep arthritis in check. And overall good overview of technology based product.

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