Meditate The Pain Away?

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I, as well as a large proportion of the worlds’ population, have regularly struggled to cope with stress. In our modern society, there seems to be a million reasons for us to be stressed and it is becoming a real problem for our health and well being.

We can experience stress for a multitude of reasons, such as, not enjoying work, problems at home, problems with neighbours, being stuck in traffic, our appearance, a sick loved one or a lost loved one.

The causes of our stress can be extremely varied but, it is how we cope with them that matters.

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Most of us know that it isn’t good to feel stressed on a regular basis, but not all of us comprehend what effects continuous stress can have on the body, I certainly didn’t.

At times of stress mass changes are occurring inside of us, most of us understand that stress can make us irritable or withdrawn, it can cause a loss of appetite or to over eat, it can cause aches and pains and difficulty sleeping. These are bad enough consequences but there are more lurking inside us.

Stressful situations cause chemical changes in our body, it effects the nervous system which triggers the ‘fight or flight’ response. This gives our body the energy needed to confront a danger or to run from it, it signals the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline and cortisol.

These hormones can alter many things in your body, such as heart rate, breathing, dilation of blood vessels and will produce more glucose in your blood, to use as energy for the situation you are in.

These of course happen for a reason, that is to protect the body when in a potentially dangerous situation. I am not saying we need to stop this happening at all, we just need to keep it reserved for the right occasion.

As I said there are many causes of stress and if not handled correctly, our bodies will remain in a constant state of ‘fight or flight’ which can lead to a host of problems such as, weight gain, sleep deprivation, depression, asthma attacks, heart attacks, diabetes and many more.


I have made reference to this in other posts, this is what I have been using for the past three years, to help me cope with stress and keep it under control.

This is simply an app I use called Calm, I have no doubt there are many more stress coping tools out there, as usual if anyone has other techniques they use please comment below.

I like the app and have found it an incredible tool to staying relaxed and in control of my emotions.

It has soothing sleep sounds or stories which I use to drift into a deep sleep, it has different meditation programmes you can use to refocus your mind. It also has music for sleep, relaxation or focus, I have a focus track on now hoping it will see me to the end of this post.

The app is free to download and has many parts ready to use free of charge. For unlimited access you can pay a yearly rate which I started doing last year, I think it’s around £40 – £50 a year and I use it everyday, so say £50 divided by 365 is 13 – 14 pence a day. I can handle that for the amount of help it has given me.

Even so I would still recommend you try it for free just go to your app store and download.


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It’s simple, being in a constant state of stress will put your body under unnecessary strain, which will have a variety of effects and consequences.

For those of us living in constant pain of arthritis, we should adopt this approach in order to better understand our body and help strengthen our minds for the challenges that lay ahead.

All the best

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8 thoughts on “Meditate The Pain Away?

  1. I have heard that meditation has a lot of therapeutic qualities to it. As you pointed out stress is something that can really benefit from it. Listening to a certain sound can be a way of soothing stress levels,

  2. I love the Calm app! When I was in university I sought out some counselling for stress/anxiety and the counselor recommended the app to me. It was so easy to use and really helped calm me down, which was a life-saver at bedtime!

    Great recommendation!

    1. Hi Brittaney good to hear from you!

      Yes I have found it a life-saver as well and love to put one of the meditations on and enjoy some peace and quiet when I can. Thanks for reading!

  3. I’ve never heard of this app. Is it available on android and Iphone? What kind of things does the app do to help you meditate?

    1. Hi Steve I think it is available on both. It has different meditations for each day of the week, if you subscribe for the year it has loads more including ones focused on self esteem, forgiveness, sleep and many more!

  4. I meditate regularly. Though I have not heard about Calm App earlier, Now I will give it a try. I normally meditate on Om Mantra to achieve peace and calm. Stress relieving is very much possible with meditation. These sounds waves act on the nuropaths and clear them to improve their functionalities.

    1. Hi Arun thanks for the informative comment, glad to hear that you have also found the benefit of meditation. Definitely give Calm a try it is a fantastic app!

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