Knee exercises for arthritis #2

Standing quadriceps stretch – Easy level

Can be done anywhere.

No equipment needed.Side shot of woman wearing sporty outfit standing on one foot holding leg.


  1. As with exercise #1 stand straight with feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Similarly to exercise #1 begin to raise one leg behind you.
  3. Next you need to use the arm on the side of the raised leg to grab your foot and pull the leg a little further back behind you. Hold this position for as long as comfortable.
  4. Alternate leg and arm, repeat.

Exercise 1

Exercise 3

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2 thoughts on “Knee exercises for arthritis #2

  1. This is my favourite of all as it is much more easy for me to do. Have got to start doing this until I get used to it.
    Thanks for this great tip

    1. Hi Tohin thanks for reading and commenting! Yes it is an easy one which can slot in to your routine it’s just remembering to do it.

      Glad it helps!

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