Knee exercises for arthritis #1

Standing knee flex – Easy level

Can be done anywhere.

No equipment needed.Young boy silhouetted by the sunset standing balancing on one leg against the fiery orange orb of the sun in a twilight sky


1. Stand straight, parallel to a wall, feet shoulder width apart.
2. Put one hand on the wall for stability.
3. Flex the opposite knee to the arm you are using, for example if you are standing with your left hand touching the wall then flex (raise) the right leg.
4. Keep your thigh straight whilst bending the knee, try to aim for the bottom half of your leg to be just past a 90 degree angle to your top leg half.

5. Hold for a couple of seconds at the highest point then return your foot to the floor, switch hand and leg, repeat.

If you can’t bend to the degree stated do not lose heart, just flex the knee to your capability and hopefully the more repetitions you do the easier the flexing will become!


Exercise 2

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