Is It Really That Bad?

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I get this question fired at me a lot.

Is it really that bad?

Does it bother you that you can’t do stuff?

Does it hurt all the time?

People who ask this are never people who have arthritis, because they would know the answer for themselves.

I’m not criticising people or calling them ignorant, before I developed arthritis I didn’t think that much to it either.

People class it as getting old, your joints are getting old and beginning to break down. The fact is there are a lot of young people out there suffering and even some have had it from birth.

The truth is it is painful, draining, demoralizing, debilitating and humiliating.

Yes humiliating, I often feel this way because I can go out for a meal with relatives and walk in to a restaurant normally, so to speak. Then later when I go to the toilet or go to leave I am limping as I have seized up, I feel like everyone in the restaurant has noticed and is staring.

Of course not everyone is and most times I am sure people haven’t batted an eyelid, but occasionally they do notice, some even then question you and ask what is the matter.

I have answered this question so many times, injury at work, multiple complex breaks and dislocation, hospital infection delayed progress, now arthritis in ankle, bottom line it hurts.

They do seem shocked that I am in so much pain and am so restricted, they are shocked because there mother or grandmother has got the early stages of it in her hands or knees and they aren’t suffering that much.

Some can even seem disbelieving of the fact it makes you struggle so much and think you are a wimp or milking it, I am neither.

I do my very best to make sure I am walking correctly before I leave the house because I don’t want these looks, questions and peoples disbelief. I want to walk around as everybody else does, but that isn’t always possible.


I am strong, I don’t need anyone to tell me I am.Climb, Mountaineering, Success

I may not be as strong as professional weightlifters, I do what I can training wise as I continue to try to optimise my health.

I am strong in mind, soul, faith.

I’ve endured a traumatic injury that has left me restricted, in pain, lost employment and avoiding doctors as all they want to do is take my leg off and send me on my way.

I keep getting knocked down but I am too strong to stay down. I still believe as I have from day one, that I will beat this disease.

Yes we get told it is incurable, they often say there are a few exceptional people who manage to beat disease but this is a freak event, is it?

Is it a freak event or are these people determined not to give in, to be restricted and compromise on quality of life, do they have unshakeable faith that with research and exploring different avenues they can fight back, are these people just too strong to stay down?

Spoon theory

I found this post online and it gives a shockingly emotional, factual explanation of what it is like to spend a day with chronic pain.Cherry On A Spoon Cherry Sculpture Minneap

I encourage everyone to give it a read, I might even get a bunch printed out so I can hand them out when people ask me to explain why I didn’t go to their party or why I couldn’t help them move house.


We know arthritis is rapidly increasing in our population. I want this website and The Arthritis Fight social media platforms to be a place where we can share our stories, our worries, things that have helped, things that haven’t.

To give each other support as we are all part of this human race!

I want to beat this disease, I want us all to. Our natural body state should be healthy not sick.

Maybe if we can all connect with each other and share ideas, tips, tricks, maybe we can all strengthen our fight back and take back control!

I look forward to hearing from everyone!

All the best


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12 thoughts on “Is It Really That Bad?

  1. Hi Andy, it sounds like there’s a lot of emotions and thoughts going on for those who suffer arthritis, and it’s something that if it’s not understood by others, can make the experience that much harder. Although I don’t experience arthritis myself, I have experienced a long term injury which has left me feeling pain for over 2 years. It’s hard, especially when others don’t understand the pain, and can’t relate to it. I’ve had to adjust what I can do, and found mindfulness has helped me in managing the psychological impact and changes I had to make as a result. You’re doing well managing your condition and I hope there can be a cure somehow down the track.

    1. Hi Kat, yeah it can be frustrating trying to get people to understand. I have found mindfulness helps me as well, it’s important to remain mentally strong when enduring disease.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  2. Hey Andy, I love that you’re trying to spread awareness about this. I work with a couple of people who are only in their 20’s and really struggle with arthritis, you can especially notice that they are in pain after a full day of work. It’s great that you’re helping people to understand the condition a bit better, hopefully one day more people will understand the serious effect that arthritis can have on someone’s life.

    1. Hi Alece thank you for your comment!

      Yeah there seems to be more and more people affected by arthritis and yes it certainly is noticeable after a full day of work. Hopefully these people will find their way to this site and be able to share any advice they have.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Hi Andy I can feel your pain in some ways, my grandfather had arthritis all the years I knew him. He not only had arthritis, but crippling arthritis his fingers were drawn and out of shape he had to walk stiff legged his feet and toes were stiff and drawn and much more I could tell you about. It finally caused his death.

    1. Hi Fred, sorry to hear about your grandfather. It is a terrible life altering disease unfortunately, which is why I am so determined for myself and everyone else to overcome it!

      Thank you very much for reading and sharing Fred.

  4. Hi Andy
    I think this is a very powerful, forthright and open account from someone experiencing the physical and emotional pain associated with arthritis.I think it will be of huge benefit to others suffering with this condition, and may encourage them to also speak out and express how it impacts on their life. It also helps educate those who do not truly understand how debilitating arthritis can be.
    A very close friend of mine has suffered crippling arthritis for many years. I know she has found turmeric/curcumin supplements and boswellia/frankincense extract to be helpful for pain relief.
    I wish you much success with your site and goal to be of support to others

    1. Hi Jason thank you for your comments!

      Yes it is forthright, it can be quite therapeutic writing these blogs. I hope it is of benefit to some people that is the aim here. Sorry to hear your friend has been suffering, I, like her, have found great relief in the same supplements she is using. Thank you for your support!

  5. It is good you are creating awareness about this. Years ago, at a place where I used to work, an ex colleague suffers from arthritis. She explained to me how painful it can be. I don’t profess to understand. But I can empathize.

    Today, every morning my fingers are getting stiff. It is not painful. Just need to move it a little to get rid of the stiffness. Am I getting arthritis?

    1. Hi Timotheus thank you for your comment!

      Yes it can be incredibly painful and debilitating, in regard to your fingers I would say it could be an early stage of arthritis. It would be best to see if it continues or intensifies and if so seek medical guidance.

      Thank you for reading!

  6. Hi Andy,
    I was reading through your post and have to say that this article would be a great blessing and encouragement to others, keep sharing more posts like this and get your message out their to others.

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