How To Prevent Arthritis Naturally

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We talk a lot on here about living with arthritic pain, we share and recommend solutions in the hope that we can get the better of this chronic disease. What about people who want to know how to prevent arthritis naturally?

I have put together some key points here in the hope that they may help people stave off and prevent arthritis naturally.

Prevention better than cure

A report was issued by the Southampton NHS Treatment Centre that states the current amount of working days lost in the UK due to arthritis is 25.1 million.

That figure is expected to rise to 25.9 million by 2030 and 27.2 million by 2050.

In terms of financial cost, that means by the year 2050 arthritis could cost the economy £4.74 billion a year.Economy, Finance, Success, Business

Furthermore, the cost to the NHS currently stands at just over 10 billion pounds!!

It is becoming a real epidemic to add to the other epidemics, we are living in a sick society.

So prevention has to be the way forward, we need to dramatically assess our lifestyles and find the causes.

Couch potatoitis

Not all, but a large proportion of people (children and adults) are not getting the exercise the body needs. Obesity is more of an issue than it ever has been (children and adults) but why?

There are a whole host of reasons but to name a few:

Game of Thrones, Peaky Blinders, Law and Order, Doctor Who, 13 Reasons, The Walking Dead:Games Of Thrones, Action Figure, Hbo

I could go on but I think you get my point, these are some of the things that can keep us glued to our sofas/couches whichever you prefer.

I am not saying I don’t do this because I do on occasion, especially when Game of Thrones is on.

We could look at the amount of time we spend watching television, I have acknowledged I watch too much for my liking and I have drastically cut down my viewing time.

This means I can devote more time to things of greater importance such as, jobs around the home that need doing, spending time with my wife, friends, family, dog etc, exercising, reading, learning, being creative, writing posts on here.

As far as the last example goes I do recognise the irony that I have swapped one screen for another. I am more disciplined with the time I spend on my laptop and I do class it as being creative as well.

There are factors that make cutting down on T.V. time difficult though,

F.O.M.O.: This is simply the fear of missing out. You go to work and colleagues will ask you, did you see it (whichever TV show) last night?

If your answer is no then this conversation could well be over, the colleague may seek somebody else who did watch the program in question.Sexy, Model, Beauty, Female, Sensual

It could be the case that everyone else is watching a particular show and you are the only one who isn’t.

This may mean that you could feel left out by not being able to join in conversations, or worse still ridiculed and laughed at for not watching it.

F.T.C.: Following the crowd. Similar to the first one, because we don’t want to miss out and go against the grain we follow what the crowd are doing, what is considered as ‘normal’.

We do actually do as we are told: Must see! Don’t miss! Unmissable!

What do all these have in common, they are taglines that television companies put with new shows.

So we do as they say we watch them, we don’t miss them.

Some other TV show adverts say “the show everyone is talking about”, implying if you don’t watch it you won’t have anything in common with anyone and will have nothing to talk about with other people.

Routine or rut?: If you haven’t identified with the above categories I am fairly sure you will with this one.

We finish work and come home, we have had a stressful day, what do we do?

I won’t speak for everyone but I can guess that we come home, change out of our clothes we have had on, shower, put ‘comfy clothes’ on, we all have them, then sit down to watch television.

This continues on a daily basis, routine or rut?Bear, Predator, Zoo, Fur, Animal, Mammal

The thing is some people may have a desk job and might not be very active, they can still have a stressful day and want to do the above routine, which means they could spend the whole day or even week, with little to no activity!

This is quite obviously a problem.

Other things that can happen when we are distracted by our televisions is, we eat snacks at a startling rate, how many times have you sat there and looked down and thought I can’t believe that whole pack of biscuits has gone!

You even start doubting you ate them all, why? Simply because we are not paying attention to what we eat, we are paying attention to what we are watching.

We may not even be watching television even though it’s on we might actually be on our mobile phones.

It is scary to think about what damage this level of distraction can do to our relationships with our spouse or children.

But the main points I am trying to get at is…

Diet & Exercise

Not happy with that? Well, what did you expect!

There is a reason for the importance of diet and exercise is highlighted so often, IT’S IMPORTANT!

Exercise essentially means use it or lose it. If you are not prepared to use a body part then don’t expect it to be any use to you when you need it.

Even simple activities such as stretching and walking keep your joints flexible and strong.Window, Woman, Morning, Girl, Stretching

Yoga, Tai Chi, Spin Class it doesn’t really matter what you do just make sure you are doing something.

With regard to diet, I usually say eat fresh, stay away from anything manufactured, packaged, genetically modified.

Organic is better if you can afford it I know we get charged more for it unless you fancy growing your own produce.

Olive oil, real butter, oily fish are all things I consider to be good for joint health. I would say to avoid excess sugar and carbohydrates as they convert to sugar in the blood.

In order for joints to stay healthy, they need a good supply of quality blood, so less sugar and drink plenty of water to help pump that blood supply around the body.

Calm down

We have spoken before about stress and the detrimental effect it can have on our body. In short, when we are stressed the chemical reactions cause INFLAMMATION!Safety, Danger, Information, Warning

Not good, so how do we combat this?

Everyone knows there are so many stresses in life, it ranges from our job, money, bills to pay, debts, what we weigh, how we look, to more trivial things like owning the latest gadget because the neighbour has it.

Prioritise and disregard

In order for us to combat this silent cause of many diseases and illnesses, we have to remember what matters.

Disregard what others have, it does not make them better than you. As is often said we were all created equal so on that basis no one can truly be your superior!

I understand social pressures can be intense as we referenced earlier, you need to be watching a certain program, your child needs to have a certain mobile phone to keep up with others.

I know this because there were similar pressures when I was at school, the fact is my parents were too poor to afford these things.Bullying, Child, Finger, Suggest

I was one of the last persons in my school to get a mobile phone and when I did it was huge compared to everyone else who had a Nokia 3210.

My ginormous Motorola and I were laughed at, probably because when you extended the aerial on it, the phone looked like it could double up as a pole vault or javelin.

But I learned to take a few jibes and laugh at myself and then kids get bored and move on.

It stems from a fear of being different, generally, people don’t want to be viewed differently by society.

The truth is we owe some of the greatest discoveries to people who were considered different or laughed at. If we were all copies of each other the world wouldn’t have any wonder.

You may find that you have a boss or supervisor at work who is constantly on your back and making life stressful.

Just remember they put their pants on one leg at a time like you and contrary to what they might want you to believe, their poo smells as well!Smoke, Smoking, Chimney, Fireplace

What I am trying to get at is you need to define how important that individual stress actually is, if you can disregard it then do so, if you can’t then you need to develop ways to cope.

Yes, coping mechanisms.

There are so many that you can try,

  • Stress ball
  • Rubber band on the wrist to twang
  • Affirmations
  • Meditation
  • Music
  • Walking
  • Breathing and so on…

We need to start employing some of these and finding what works for us.

I have said before I use meditation now and sleep music which has helped me tremendously. I am able to refocus and regain clarity that I lost in the foggy mist of stress.

Remember what is important, the three H’s.

Home, Health, Happiness!

You don’t want to look back on your life and think I did what everyone else was doing. You want to think I did what made me happy, with the people I loved the most, doing the things I’ll always remember!Family, Pier, Man, Woman, Children

Exercise, Eat healthily, Expel stress!

Give yourself the best chance of preventing arthritis and other diseases naturally.

Share your views/experiences below or on our social media pages.

All the best, Andy 🙂

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8 thoughts on “How To Prevent Arthritis Naturally

  1. Thank you for sharing this information. I also live with arthritis, and have since I was a child. I have found tai chi to be an extremely beneficial exercise for pain management and relief from symptoms. Perhaps that is something you could look into as well?

    I chuckled at your TV comments. We gave up television about 12 years ago and have never looked back. People ask what we do instead, and I simply reply that there is always something to do: take a walk, garden, knit, have a conversation (gasp!), blog… you get the idea. I applaud your attempts to cut back on viewing time.

    1. Hi Kelly great to hear from you!

      I did do some tai chi in the early days but I found it difficult at the time so I couldn’t really get in to it, maybe I should try it again. Yes I hear what you are saying about the TV it can be so time consuming and time that is better spent elsewhere.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  2. Hi Andy, Thanks for a very informative article especially as my wife is currently struggling with Fibro Arthritis. It really is true, one of the best options is to try to get out and exercise more if possible and with this in mind we are putting together a diary for some structured exercise routines in 2019. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Dave sorry to hear that your wife is currently struggling, hopefully you can find useful information on this site that can help.

      It’s good to hear that you are putting together an exercise diary let us know how it goes and thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Very helpful article, I will definitely share this with family and friends. I know some people who suffer from Arthritis, and I am sure they would find this article very helpful.

  4. Andy,
    I suffer from Arthritis in my heel from a fracture. I do not take any meds for it at this time. I found your information on how to prevent arthritis naturally very helpful at this time. I do follow most of your steps during the day, exercise is the hardest as it is very painful to walk long distances, I am expanding weekly how far I can go. I do drink plenty of water and do not consume much sugar at this time. I do spend a big amount of time on the screen, I find by setting a timer to get up and do something every hour for at least ten minutes helps keep me going. Do you think this is good enough.

    1. Hi John good to hear from you!

      I think it is enough at the minute due to the fact you seem to already be conscious of how much time you are spending on things like television and you are making an effort to break away from it.

      I think this will in turn lead to you taking more time away from the screens as you discover all the different things you could be doing.

      I am sorry to hear of the pain in your heel and can fully sympathise with it. When I was first recovering the heel was a very painful part and was stiff for a long time. I had to gradually extend my walking and other low-impact exercises until it began to free up.

      I wish you the best of luck and if you need anymore support do not hesitate to get in touch, as always thank you for reading and commenting!

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