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Hey everyone, today I want to tell you about another tool I use in the fight against arthritis!

This is something I use every morning, it strengthens leg muscles and helps to improve circulation in the legs as well.

The relationship between arthritis and circulation

Not long after my ankle surgery, I suffered an infection (MRSA), this meant a trip back to the hospital and a washout of the surgical wound that had become infected.

I know pretty gross but bear with me!

Due to the infection, that wound was incredibly slow to heal, when visiting my doctor to find out what the issue was, I was told I had a leg ulcer that needed tending to.

So I attended the leg ulcer clinic and it was eventually dealt with and the wound finally healed, though leaving a considerably uglier scar than my others.

Whilst at the leg ulcer clinic, the nurse told me I had gotten the ulcer due to poor circulation in the leg, which was due to the swelling around my ankle.

the revitive medic will help keep the blood flowing around our bodies
Good blood supply is critical for our cells, organs, joints.

On leaving, I was given medical compression socks, in order to keep the swelling down and encourage blood flow.

I have spoken about the dreaded swell before and it has struck again here and this time the issue it has raised is poor circulation!

Knee length black socks on a summer holiday?

To be honest the socks are supposed to be worn every day, though it is rare I will wear them. Which isn’t clever but I do find them a pain to get on and off due to the tightness and lack of give in them.

I understand the purpose of them, so I knew deep down that I had to do something else to improve circulation in my legs.

One day whilst watching television I saw an advert, it was Ian Botham the ex England cricketer, promoting the Revitive Medic, a foot circulation booster intended for diabetes and osteoarthritis sufferers.

Hear what he has to say about it below.

After reading reviews I took the plunge and bought it online, it isn’t cheap at around £299.99 but I certainly feel as though I got value for money! It can also be purchased for a  cheaper price here.

I have used it every morning for over a year and it even helps loosen my stiff ankle joint in the morning.

I even took it with me on holiday to Portugal in September, it was much better than walking around the pool with knee-high black socks on.

I did get funny looks from the airport security as they scrutinised my suitcase, they came across multiple bottles of vitamin tablets and then the circulation booster, which set their imaginations running wild.

passport control sign to signify the problems i can have getting through security with my bag of vitamins
Thankfully they have never snapped a glove on and asked to investigate further!

The Revitive Medic review


  • Reduces swelling thus improving circulation.
  • Reduces pain and strengthens leg muscles.
  • Portable, has a rechargeable battery and mains power lead, can use via the mains or portable when charged.
  • Different intensity levels so you can maximize results and adjust accordingly.
  • Can be used with a roller ball pivot bottom for movement, or has back stand for stationary use.
  • Helps with osteoarthritis and diabetes.
the revitive medic gets the thumbs up from customers
The Revitive Medic gets the thumbs up from customers.


  • Price. It can seem expensive on the initial purchase, but I do believe you won’t see it as expensive in the long run, when you are using it daily years down the line.

To conclude

I can honestly only think of the one con, which as I say, I don’t believe you will think about after a year or so of using it.

I promote this product because it is one I use to great effect and believe it to be another valuable tool in overcoming our suffering.

By all means, do your own due diligence, if you purchase it let me know how you are getting on, or if you have any queries on using it I will try to help, although it is really easy to use!

Maybe some of you have already tried it and as usual, would love to hear from you.


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22 thoughts on “How To Improve Circulation In The Legs – Revitive Medic

  1. This has given me a whole new outlook on the importance of having good blood circulation! I think that your post was well structured and explained, a lot of people suffering from arthritis will benefit from learning about this product. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Andy,

    I am curious as to whether this Revitive Medic can be used before or after a problem is dedicated. I don’t suffer from poor circulation, (at least not that I know of).

    But I have always believed in prevention rather than dealing with the problem when it occurs. So that is why I asked.

    I would be very interested in getting one. I am sure that the rest of the family could use this.

    1. Hi Owain thanks for your comment!
      I agree with you prevention is better than cure especially in this case.

      This can be used to boost your circulation even if you haven’t been diagnosed with poor circulation.

      If you have any concerns about any circulatory issues, your doctor can perform a Doppler test, which will check blood flow in your arms and legs and highlight issues if there are any.

  3. Hi Andy, I’m sorry you had to go through that because of the Ulcer. But I’m glad you came across the Revitive Medic. Thank you for sharing your story with us and I’m hopeful that someone out there going through the same issue will indeed find a remedy for the issue because of your article! The world needs more people like you Andy 🙂

  4. Hi Andy.

    Thanks for sharing this article.I am one who has problems with blood circulations sometimes, but never asked me questions about that. Your site is very interesting. Keep up your good work man 🙂

  5. Great post here and I know tat anyone suffering from arthritis would find this to be very worth while. While I think that this is really great and awesome since making blood circulate well and flow well is only for our benefits. I would like to inquire if Revitive Medic can be used by people who do not have the arthritis yet but just want to stay on the good side.

    1. Hi Bella, thank you for your input and to answer your question it is definitely a good idea to use the Revitive especially if you have concerns about circulation. The article below might be worth a look as well.

      Cycle to boost circulation!

      Let me know if you need any more help with anything and thanks for reading!

  6. People around who are suffering from arthritis will find this post because of the way you have given the information. I think the socks were just out there to help. I should really share this. I hope you heal soon too. You are really kind to have shared this out. Nice one. Keep up the fight!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, glad you enjoyed the article. Yeah, the socks are meant to help and I don’t mind wearing them in the winter. The Revitive does mean I have another option to black knee-high socks in the summer.

  7. This is a really interesting and educative article, it’s very rampant to hear of issues about arthritis bothering people nowadays, I think this is because of some of the things we tend to take lightly with no seriousness. It’s true that circulation is very essential as it can cause health conditions that are grievous like Ulcer. This product is really amazing with useful and nice features, about the price, I believe as time goes on, it’ll drop in price. Thanks

    1. Hi, thanks for contributing to the discussion. There are many reasons behind the boom in arthritis and most are down to the way of life in the western world.

      Your right products usually tend to decrease in price over time, although the Revitive has actually stayed at the same price for some time now. For that to happen the product must be a regular seller with great and consistent customer feedback!

  8. Thanks very much admin for sharing with us this important information about how to improve on our blood circulation in the legs and showing us how useful is the revitive medic machine and I have really fall in love with this machine due to its features and its benefits and am soon purchasing one for myself thanks for sharing in advance 

  9. Well Andy, you have given me two things this morning. Hope and childhood memories of Ian Botham. I’ll take both of those all day long. I am taking the hope vicariously for my wife. We’re just waiting on the results of some bloodtests, as she’s got some stuff going on at the moment. One of the symptons that has got progressively worse, over the last two months, has been her hands. Unable to grip properly plus pain and stiffness in the joints. You’d put money on it being arthritis, even the nurse where they took the blood asked if there was history of it in her family. We’ll wait and see. 

    Not even fifty yet and the last few years have dealt her some blows. She’s been Type One diabetic for most of her life and has recently had a heart pacemaker fitted. For many years she used the ‘magnetic’ belts for the pain she felt around her body and it worked well. Now she can’t use the magnets it be might time to look for an alternative.  

    1. Hi, thank you for your comments, I am sorry to hear about your troubles recently.

      I am going to leave some links for you that I think might help your wife. The articles include gloves that are for arthritis in the hands, vitamins that are good to have if the diagnosis is in fact arthritis and an article about sugar that may be worth a read in regards to diabetes.

      Best gloves for arthritis

      Best vitamins for arthritis

      Does sugar cause inflammation

      I hope you find some useful information there. If you have any questions about anything please do not hesitate to ask, I wish you and your wife all the very best.

  10. Thanks for sharing your experience here and I’m thankful to God that you were able to get through all these through the use of the Revitive Medic. I really hope that people that are going through things like this presently can get access to this and make it improve their situations so they can get through it like you. Andy, thanks so much for sharing this out with the world. You are a great person.

    1. Hi Ramos, you will make me blush! Thank you for your kind words. I hope it helps people as well and if you can share it far and wide that will help spread the word!

  11. I know a friend who has arthritis and i can say very much that he doesn’t now so much about circulation. Now that i do, it will be very good f I can share this with him. You have also given us your own insight with the issue. I dont think wearing that sock in the summer will be cool and you dont feel comfy in them. I wish you recovery. Cheers!

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