How to earn money from home online #2

2. Mike Cruickshank

I and thousands of others owe a lot to this man.

Mike is an ordinary man with an extraordinary skill set. He is a mathematical expert and he uses this talent to create systems that exploit bookmakers and casino sites.


He started out many years ago with a system called Bonus Bagging. Some of you may have heard of this by now, bookmakers use certain tactics to bait people into opening an account with them.

A typical example could be;

Open an account and place the first bet of £10 pound then the bookmaker will give you a free £20 bet. 

Mike has a matched betting software which means you can select a bet that can be countered with a betting exchange, meaning instead of losing the £10 if your bet doesn’t win you can place bets so you lose say 50p whatever happens.

I know some of you may be thinking why would you rush to lose 50p well that is the qualifying bet when that is done you will have qualified for the free £20 bet.

Then you can use the same matched betting software to find another bet so you can control the winnings across all outcomes.

You can usually come away with 80 percent of the free bet so on a £20 offer you can come away with £16 minus the 50p you lost to qualify for the offer means you end up with £15.50.

This doesn’t take long to do and you can repeat it with every bookmaker when you open an account, I ended up with just over £1000 from all my new account offers.

Mike has also created many other systems and strategies over the years and each one provides money earning opportunities, there are some systems that are risk-free, some low risk and some high risk.

He provides training videos for every system which are a massive help especially for those who are new to bookmakers and betting exchanges.

When signed up for his betting mastermind system as I am and have been for 3 years, you then get invited to join the secret group on Facebook which has around 7000 members in it.

Offers get posted in here, you can ask questions and I have learned so much from following some of the conversations of the higher earners.

With most of the systems, it is small consistent wins that build up over time and you need to put the time in hence why I said I don’t have any get rich quick schemes.

That being said below are some screenshots that were posted in the secret Facebook group, whilst the wins are NOT typical they go to show what can happen when you take action and get a bit of luck.

As I said the results are NOT typical, I certainly haven’t tasted a huge win like that. As can be seen from the above, winnings such as these are usually found when completing the casino offers.

Many people work their way up to the casino account offers as these are most profitable but require some bankroll to start out. Again it is all calculated and based on mathematics.

Mike has software that can look at an offer from a casino and his simulator will play it 100 times to see what the average winnings are. 

This is called estimated value, the idea is that you continue to do as many offers as possible which gives you the chance of extracting all that estimated value over time.

As well as having a chance to hit a hefty win.

That is more of an advanced strategy though, the initial systems that you start out with are easier to grasp and have little to no risk.

Money at your disposal

I love the fact that by having the system I can fire it up anytime and look for an offer to complete.

The good thing about bookmakers is they will normally keep sending you offers until they realise what you are doing.

When you are signed up to a multitude of bookmakers you can exploit them as many members do.

Plenty of them earn on average between £250 – £500 a month and that is with only putting a small amount of time into it.

Many members have gone full time with after growing their bankroll.

As I have been limited on time due to doing this website and fighting back against arthritis I use Mikes systems when I need a bit of extra money, holidays, birthdays, Christmas that kind of thing.

That is really the thing to take away from all this is that you get out what you put in.

If you master a few systems and take action you can see some really good results and it makes this a fantastic way to earn money online.


Whilst I  advocate these systems and pretty much everything Mike does I will say it isn’t for everyone.

His systems involve exploiting casino and bookmaker sites which means you will be placing bets. For any gambling addicts or people with addictive personalities, I would not recommend this.

Only because I would imagine the temptation to ignore the instructions and chase big wins like the ones above would be too great.

Caution text overlay

I have seen what gambling addictions can do to people and what it can cost them, it’s part of the reason I love exploiting their offers and beating the bookies.

But you can only do that by trusting the maths and following the instructions diligently that’s how you make the money here.

The moment you deviate and think you know best you go back to being a gambler.

The benefit is that Mike has a wealth of videos that help you and the support from the other members is second to none as well.

To learn more about this money-making method click here.


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4 thoughts on “How to earn money from home online #2

  1. I would opt for the Wealthy Affiliate Program. This is what I am currently on and I have had success with this platform. I know I am still in the early phases, but I am sure withing a few years I will be in a place I cannot even imagine. I have learnt to create several, profitable websites and still learning useful tips every other day.

    1. Hi Carol5162, thanks for commenting.

      I understand that they aren’t for everyone and you must go with what you are most comfortable with. It sounds like you have found great success already with WA and it’s understandable you want to focus your time on that.

      I personally like to diversify my incomes it just means that I don’t have to become too over-reliant on one specific income stream. The suggestions here are viable options for people wanting to do that, from surveys to betting systems to websites they can all help provide alternative cash streams.

  2. I think Mike Cruickshank’s story is more than just a make money online but also teaches us how to be real deep thinkers and how to be entrepreneurs, I’m motivated. I have never really thought about bringing new ideas on the how to make money online niche, I have always been using other people’s ideas. I think I will need to take a look into his betting system and see how it works out for me. Thank you this was really informative.

    1. Hi Donny, thanks for reading and commenting!

      Yes, I agree with you, I first found success with Mike’s systems and that motivated me to expand my income streams which in turn led me to Wealthy Affiliate. As with any system there is a lot to learn but Mike provides fantastic training videos so you can’t go wrong, he always responds to emails, the support is very good.

      I hope it helps increase your earnings, thanks for stopping by.

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