How to earn money from home online

Hey everyone, I pray you are all well and fighting hard!

Today’s article is something a little different to the usual. Quite a few of our readers have asked how I make money as I have made reference to the fact that I use varied techniques.

First off, full disclosure.

I am not a millionaire, I am not rich!

I would say I am comfortable at the moment, I don’t have any debt or money worries and we have regular holidays, but we both still work at the moment. I just do things to supplement our income.

I feel it’s important that you know those facts.

I am not filthy rich and I’m not going to pretend to be, I won’t be hiring a Versace suit and a Ferrari just to make a video for YouTube talking about how wealthy I am and how I can make you rich. 

God, I hate them videos!


When I was told I had arthritis and subsequently lost my job I would be lying if I said those weren’t times of worry and concern. 

My accident happened just 2 months after me and my wife (then fiancee) had purchased our first home. 

The house needed work but we were excited to be on the mortgage ladder and looking forward to making our home together and of course happy not to be paying rent anymore.

When we took out the mortgage I also took out protection on that mortgage, with it being our first home I wanted to know we were fully covered.

That cover meant that when I got injured our mortgage was paid for a year which as you can imagine was a huge relief but the question was what would happen after that.

We knew that I would receive compensation for the accident as it wasn’t my fault and my then employers had admitted liability.

But we didn’t know how much or when I would receive it. The payout took just short of 3 years.

I was unsure about what types of jobs I would be able to do and since my accident, I have tried numerous kinds of work, some I have managed, some I haven’t.

Of course, I thought it would be great if I knew how to earn money from home online. It would mean I wouldn’t have to worry about leaving the house and finding a job.

Avoid the SSC’s

Schemes, scams and cons. These are what can mostly be found when entering how to earn money online into your search engine.

As I eluded to with the YouTube advert videos, there are so many different scammers and conners out there. They prey on people who are desperate and offer them false hope.

The good news is there are some legitimate ways of making money online that are tried and tested and I will be discussing the 3 types that I have used and 2 of them I still use now with success.



Another disclaimer;

These are not get rich quick systems!

If that is what you are after then you are reading the wrong article. I would consider these as you may get rich after time and hard work systems.

Click on the button to learn the systems.

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24 thoughts on “How to earn money from home online

  1. Wow, having read all this ideas, i have to say that i didn’t know that there are so many ways. I have tried some surveys before that didnt work out for me but it seems like going into paid surveys is the real deal. I will give that one a try by doing some online research on high paying surveys. This post has been very helpful to me and i learnt from it and so i have to share it with others as well. Thank you.

    1. Hi John, glad you enjoyed the article!

      Yes do have a look at the different survey companies, there are absolutely loads of them out there so if you sign up to plenty of them you should never have any survey dry spells.

      You can get ones paying more than others but don’t dismiss the ones that give coupons for high street brands these can be a money-saver which of course helps you financially as well!

  2. wow! making money online cannot come at a much better means than the ones you have highlighted here and surly would be wort giving my time to. i actually love the fact that wealthy affiliate is presented here as it is a great offer to anyone planning t planning to make money from affiliate marketing. i like the fact that training is made available to help simplify the whole processing. i am still benefitting from their training.

    1. Hi Rodarrick, great to hear from you.

      I am glad you enjoyed the article. I can only agree with you the amount of training and support provided on WA is unreal. There is probably too much to learn I’m not convinced I will ever get round to watching it all, the great thing is that you can type in their search bar whatever you are struggling with and can guarantee there will be training for it!

  3. The number of people who are quiting their jobs of a daily basis just to start an online business is increasing by the day and so are scam sites increasing  as well to loot money from these people. I’m glad you took your time to out up this wonderful post as we all can see these suggestions you have given. I am not really a fan of survey, but Wealthy affiliate is one I’m willing to give a try and hopefully make soemthing meaningful from it. Best regards.

    1. Hi Benson, thanks for sharing. 

      I am not a huge fan of surveys they can be a little tedious but the point is they are still a legitimate way of making money from home. The only thing I will say about Wealthy Affiliate is to try it for free, you have nothing to lose. It is the platform that allows me to talk about things close to my heart and to do what I love.

  4. When I got started on looking for ways I could make money online I was looking for quick money schemes. Those things never worked for me and I got scammed a couple of times by those you referred to as SSC’s. Eventually I started my journey on building my site and I have to admit it wasn’t always easy and still isn’t.

    I have to try to manage between school, church and my 2 sites and another way I have been using to make money online. All of them are so demanding but lately things have been getting better on my financial side and I hope so too on your health side as well. I haven’t been going for any vacations as yet because I want to build real physical and online businesses with the money I’ve been making. All the best to you.

    1. I take my hat off to you Donny, to be scammed and still continue on your search for legitimate money making programs is very brave. You certainly seem to put the effort in, I have only this website and that can be really time-consuming, but it is definitely worth it.

      You seem to have laid out your plan and are putting in maximum effort to realise your dreams and with that attitude, I have no doubt you will achieve them.

  5. I’m really happy that you were able to find your way after your accident and this should serve as motivation to others that money can be made even on your bed when you can’t go out. It’s really true that scammers and Conners are very many online now and they are using different intelligent strategies to find preys to rip of money and time, I’ll like to suggest that before applying or joining any platform online, the legitimacy of the platform should be checked, enough research should be made for confirmation. Another thing that makes people prey is that they want to make quick money online, any online business requires dedication and a bit of hard work, and most importantly time as it takes a bit before you can make much online. Thanks.

    1. Hi DreaJay, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the subject and thank you for your kind words to me, it would be a great feeling to think I could motivate someone to take back control of their life.

      I agree with you about looking into companies, due diligence should always be carried out especially when there is money at stake. I also agree that people looking for get rich quick schemes are more susceptible to scams as they are chasing something that in my opinion/experience doesn’t exist.

  6. I just wanted to drop a quick note that I really appreciate that you are sharing how to earn money from home. Many people find themselves unable to work and living on a fixed income. Your suggestions are very helpful. I have been doing surveys recently and do make a little bit of extra money. I think I am going to try out affiliate marketing. It seems like something I can do and since there is a free trial with Wealthy Affiliate I don’t have much to lose. Thank you.

    1. Hi Wendy, glad to hear that you have had some success already, I wish you a lot more success. By all means, try the free trial they take no card details so there’s no obligations. If you need any help with WA look me up on the platform or drop me an email I will be happy to help if I can.

  7. I know very well the feeling of having to worry about money especially if you are not guaranteed a salary at the end of the month. But I have come to know that online business is more sustainable and secure especially if you diversify your sources of income online.I am currently working with the Wealthy Affiliate program and I love it. It is in this platform that I learnt the fundamentals of online entrepreneurship and the journey has been amazing. I agree with you that the members at WA are an incredible lot! There is a lot to learn from the gurus in the platform every other day. This is the reason I believe earning online is very possible. Thank you for taking your time to highlight these possible ways.

  8. earning money from home is never easy but if done the right way, would actually prove to be a game changer in our financial situations. but as with everything good, the bad sides will always be there and they are all these scam oriented offers which one must be very careful of. going by the listing you have shared here, i feel more comfortable with surveys and affiliate marketing through wealthy affiliate. i feel those 2 would be perfect supplements to my normal job. thanks

    1. Hi Shelley, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I agree there are a lot of scammers out there, I can barely listen to a couple of songs on YouTube without a sponsored advert and it’s usually someone shouting at me “Do you want more money?” Of course I want more money! Who doesn’t?

      I also think it is best to be careful with the money I have and just handing it over to a con artist who has paid for some advertising isn’t the best idea.

      I am glad you like the sound of my suggestions and thank you for reading!

  9. Good, simple but informative article on how to earn money from home online, I have different story behind, I had solid paying (5k/month) job, not hard workload or hard tasks, able to do half of my work from home but I wanted to achieve total freedom and be the boss of my own. I haven’t had arthritis but I have had moderate hard and hard nerve injuries, I could not use my right hand for 10 months and walk for 6-7 months, and after that took almost 2 years to get my hand and legs to work as they used to be. I will take a further look at your website, really liked these couple of articles I already read. 

  10. Wow, this serves as an eyeopener for me because i didnt know that there are so many ways like this to make money online. I think that this is really great and those who cannot go out to work can also earn an income from the comfort of their homes. I will want to share this with everyone. I feel so bad to hear about your accident but i like the way you are really shaping everything. You are very strong. Nice post!

    1. Hi John, thank you for reading and commenting!

      I am happy to hear that you found the article useful and thank you for your kind words, I am certainly trying to be strong and continue with my plan to fight back.

  11. A big-time injury like arthritis has definitely stopped many people from continuing to live lively lives. Congrats to you for powering through and fighting back! There are definitely a lot of make money online methods out there. Some are scams, some work, and some are true treasures. Making money from Wealthy Affiliate and surveys are the two that have worked personally for me so far and I would definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hi Kevin, thank you for your kind words! It is great to hear from others who have had success with the same techniques, thank you for sharing that with us.

  12. Hi there Andy.

    Thank you for this very interesting and informative article on alternative ways of making money. I think all of us Internet surfers have come across a few schemes in our lifetimes.

    I have also tried online surveys, but they have so many red tape and are so tedious that I just couldn’t bear it, I never made a single cent.

    I am way too careful to gamble, so my favorite of your three options is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a great platform to learn and achieve great things. Affiliate marketing certainly is not easy or simple, but I know for sure that the hard work that gets put into it will pay off dividends in the end.

    Good luck on your journey!


    1. Hi Lize, thank you for your input.

      I agree with you to an extent about the surveys, the second option isn’t gambling and most aspects of it are actually risk-free, it is essentially applying mathematical strategies to ensure that you can extract profit but I realise that it isn’t for everybody.

      Nothing that is truly worth it is simple it will take work and won’t happen overnight as you elude to. Thanks for reading and commenting, I wish you success!

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