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***UPDATED 26/01/20***

Hey my fellow fighters I hope you are all well!

If you are reading this then you are either a follower of The Arthritis Fight or you could be someone who is searching the internet looking for a natural anti-inflammatory cream.

Perhaps you have arthritis or maybe you have another inflammatory issue but whatever the answer to that is, look no further than this hemp cream.

I used to use a Boswellia cream for some time and had an amount of success with it but part of fighting against chronic illness is diversifying and continually being on the lookout for the next best tool.

5 Kind Hemp Active Gel

A topical cream that works wonders!

The cream, as the name suggests contains hemp oil which is extracted from the seeds of the magnificent cannabis plant.

Herb, Hemp, Plant, Cab, Cannabinoid
A plant created by the Earth!

It is almost as though when the Earth was created it was made with provisions to keep us well.

At the time of writing, I have used this cream for almost 2 years and just a little side note that is the exact same length of time I have gone without any pharmaceutical medication OF ANY KIND!

I use it every morning and sometimes later in the day if I have any pain and swelling, though the notable factor is that since applying the cream I hardly get any pain or swelling.

This cream is the Number 1 best seller for massage gels on Amazon. You can have a look here.

That being said, what can this cream do for you? Well, this creation can soothe stiffness, soreness, aches, pains, sprains, strains, improve circulation and recovery.

This cream has helped people with ailments such as dry skin, minor sprains right up to MS, fibromyalgia and arthritis.

I have severe osteoarthritis and no longer live in pain thanks to the help of this hemp cream and plenty of other arthritis sufferers have found relief as well.

Sunset, Beach, Silhouettes, Jump
Get back to being healthy it is our default setting!

So why does it work?

Well we know there has been a media explosion in England over the past few years regarding the powerful healing benefits the Cannabis plant has.

Hemp oil as we said above is extracted from the seeds of the plant and that oil has supreme anti-inflammatory effects which are great for conditions such as arthritis.

Another awesome advantage is that it is an all-powerful antioxidant and I think this is the reason it can help with a multitude of conditions.

Antioxidants have the power to eliminate free radicals which roam around the body looking to cause damage and distress to you.

Free radicals can be produced as a by-product of injury, disease and even stress.

Other ingredients in this best selling massage cream include Rosemary oil, Camphor oil and Menthol.

These other ingredients complement each other and work in perfect harmony to maximise the effects that you receive.

Rosemary oil is also an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, the Camphor oil stimulates blood circulation and aids absorption while the Menthol provides instant cooling and soothing to the affected area.

The stress-relieving effects of the cream can ensure you get that valuable nights sleep you have been craving.

I don’t skimp when it comes to tools that can enhance my health and when it works out at roughly 5 or 6 pounds a month I don’t consider that excessive.

Is it good?

Hell yeah! A wonder product!

Click the image below and you can even get a handy massage roller sent with the cream to make the joint massaging even easier!

What customers have said

  • Instant relief – Arthritis and tendon problems in hands.
  • Cream helped ease my pain after years of struggle – Lower back and thigh pain.
  • I feel no pain after applying Kind – Tendonitis sufferer.
  • I think my life is about to change – Verified purchaser, an ailment not mentioned.
  • It’s definitely worth a go – Leg and knee pain.
  • Great cream for easing pain – Severe osteoarthritis and sciatic nerve pain.
  • This gel really works – Swollen knees after replacement surgery.
  • Took away 90% of my pains and best nights sleep in 10 years – Back and shoulder pain.
  • This stuff is a miracle – Arthritis in hands, back and shoulder pain.
  • Pain-free for 1st time in 18 years – Primary progressive MS.

I could go on and on there are that many satisfied customers. They are all from verified purchasers, don’t believe me? Click on the image above and see for yourself.

Common questions answered

Is this more beneficial than Voltarol?

As somebody who has used both products, I can absolutely say that this hemp cream has given me much greater pain relief. The fact this is a natural product makes that all the sweeter!

Does this product have a use-by date?

Looking at the tub that I have it seems to be around a 2-year use-by date and you would do well to make it last that long no matter how thrifty you are.

How long does this gel take to help the pain?

Okay, so I will set the scene a little for you here to give you an idea of how I use it.

I wake up (because our dog Maisy has got onto the bed and is spitting at me to get me up as is the custom in our house) then I go downstairs feed her and let her out whilst making myself a drink.

I next go and sit on the sofa put the recliner up and begin to massage the cream into my ankle at the same time Maisy comes up, slumps on me and goes back to sleep, hard life eh?

I’ll sit there, drink my drink and allow the cream time to take effect but it’s normally around 30 minutes.  

First thing in the morning I use it more for stiffness as there is obviously no swelling but later on in the day I’ll use it again, this time more for swelling after hours of activity.

Is there anything addictive in this?


I know cannabis/hemp can make people cautious, I can tell you this invention is made from the non-psychoactive component of the plant so you shouldn’t feel spaced out or be up all night giggling.

Does it help arthritis?


I would not recommend it if it hadn’t already have helped me. It has also assisted many others with arthritis. You can click the image below of me holding the tub and check out more of the awesome reviews!

My firm belief is that this product has a place on the majority of people’s cupboard shelf. I have even used it to heal sunburn!

You may not even suffer from arthritis or chronic illness, perchance you are a very healthy active person but an athletic lifestyle can mean you regularly suffer from aches and pains.

It could be that you are just someone who is dedicated to taking responsibility for their own health and if that is you then this product can positively benefit you.

This natural soothing massage cream has an almost immediate pain-relieving cooling influence, simply start rubbing it in and enjoy the extraordinary anti-inflammatory effects.

Another thing I love about this indispensable tool is that it uses natural ingredients, it harnesses the healing powers provided by the Earth.

Aren’t you sick of pumping your body with chemicals and suffering the nasty side effects?

Animation of ill person leaning head up against a wall. Not getting enough benefits from medications to outweigh the side effects, you might as well be banging your head against a brick wall.

Perhaps it’s time you establish a natural alternative and they don’t come any more exceptionally recommended than this one!

For those of you who are new to the site, I suffer from severe osteoarthritis in my ankle joint after I sustained a devastating injury in an accident at work.

I refused to be conquered and have my life dictated by this disease.

Over the years I have tested many things, some have worked, some haven’t. The positive steps I am taking mean that I continue to explore various possibilities.

5kind hemp cream has been an amazing find for me, I have got family members using it as well as work colleagues and they are all stunned by the impressive change it has made.

At the price it is at I think the gel is well worth every penny and I look forward to hearing from all of you who take the positive step of buying it and profit from the rewards the same way I have.

picture of me holding my tub of 5kind hemp cream Choose natural!

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42 thoughts on “Hemp cream for arthritis – My choice

  1. Hi,

    Your article is very interesting and helpful. I got lots of relatives and friends whose suffering from arthritis.
    thank you for the inputs. Your article is very informative and useful.
    I will definitely share this to my friends and relatives.

  2. Hi, Andy, I definitely think hemp is the future to remedy many chronic illnesses, with more to come down the road. I love your take on how the pharmaceutical company would be scrambling (they are). I often read Lew Rockwell and watch the Corbett Report on YouTube and they would definitely agree with you on this article regarding pharma. I actually refuse to go to the doctor for this reason: many can’t wait to put us on a prescription which never prevent or cure, only treat the illness. Excellent article regarding hemp and what its potential is to help relieve many different types of chronic diseases.

    1. Hi Todd thanks for sharing your insights.

      I am glad to hear you enjoyed the article. I haven’t read Lew Rockwell or watched the Corbett Report I will take a look though, thanks for the info and thanks for reading and commenting ??

  3. Very helpful article. Both my wife and I are sufferers and sometimes the painkillers are not enough.
    We will give this a shot!

  4. I love how Hemp is being discovered as a healer to many ailments. It’s also nice of you to share remedies that are natural, I believe one day we will all go back to nature for all our illnesses. I have been drinking celery juice in the morning, and i am feeling great on many levels.
    Thank you for a great post, all the best of luck with your healing journey…


    1. Hi Sahar thank you for reading and commenting!

      I too think that more people are starting to realise that there are many natural things that can heal us. That’s great you are feeling so good I always put celery in my juice and smoothies it is fantastic for detoxifying and a good anti-inflammatory.

      Best of luck with your journey as well!

  5. I know it’s not “quite” the same, but I used to smoke a lot of marijuana, weed, grass, ganja, or whatever you prefer to call it in your part of the world.
    I can tell you this, since I stopped smoking it, anxiety has gone up, sleep has gotten worse, creativity died out, and I find it terribly hard to relax these days.
    There’s a reason there are cannabinoid receptor in the brain (see this related wikipedia article) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabinoid_receptor). I think it’s because we are supposed to use hemp, weed, whatever derivative you prefer.
    As for pain reduction, yes, I do remember being remarkably pain and ache free when I was an avid smoker.
    My wife doesn’t approve. Shame, because sex drive has also decreased greatly, lol. So she ain’t getting much but it’s her fault. She complains and I tell her why.
    Great post, hemp is indeed a powerful aid for many ailments. And I have seen many a child’s seizures all but disappear altogether because of hemp oils. I’ve seen chronic taurette’s patients stop stammering minutes after taking a dose of marijuana or hemp. It really is amazing to see.

    1. Hi James thank you for reading and commenting!

      I understand the points you make and how you have been affected since ceasing use. It is still a controversial subject, I have a family member who is an avid cannabis smoker. At the start he was still himself, now he has an incredibly heightened anxiety and paranoia level. He smokes it everyday and cannot go without it, it has also led to him using other drugs as well and is now a complete addict with a miserable life.

      I guess people respond differently but because of this I always recommend trying hemp creams or oils with controlled THC amounts, as oppose to smoking it.

      Thank you for your useful link we discussed a similar subject in https://thearthritisfight.com/can-cannabis-cure-arthritis

      I have also seen hemp be an excellent remedy for seizures as well and the owner of our corner shop takes it for his MS, he says it is the only thing that works.

      Hopefully more people will reap some of the benefits.

  6. Andy,
    What a great article. Being in the fitness industry, I constantly come across people dealing with arthritis and it seems everyone is trying alternate ideas in trying to deal with it. You provide a new “idea” or new way to help deal and fight arthritis. I really enjoyed reading your post.

    With Gratitude,

    1. Hi Joseph good to hear from you.

      Yes it seems a common problem unfortunately.

      I am constantly researching and trying to find natural resources that can help.

      We have to keep fighting ??

      Thanks for reading and commenting ??

  7. My grandma really struggles with arthritis will definitely be sharing this with her as nothing has really seemed to help to this point.

    1. Hi Brandon thank you for reading and commenting!

      I am sorry to hear nothing has worked for your Grandma. Hopefully if she tries this she will get relief, I certainly have.

  8. Andy,
    Arthritis is something that runs in my family pretty deep. This article hits home. I have never heard of The 5 Kind Hemp Active Gel. This is something I will be able to get for my parents.

    Have you ever looked into the keto diet and the benefits it may produce with arthritis?


    1. Hi Nic sorry to hear that arthritis seems to run in your family.

      I hope some of your relatives do find relief from this cream.

      I am currently trying to do a Ketogenic diet to see what results I get, I will keep you informed ?

      Thanks for reading and commenting ??

  9. I am currently following a Paleo diet as part of my efforts to reduce both the pain and the inflammation from my osteoarthritis. There are times, thought that a topical would be nice. I’m curious if has any THC in it at all in addition to the CBD.

    1. Hi Kelli good going with the Paleo diet I would expect positive results from that.

      I can see no mention of THC on the ingredients list.

      I think a topical cream will be a great addition for you.

      Thanks for reading and commenting ??

  10. Thanks for sharing this information. I have been curious about hemp products such as oils and lotions. I will keep an eye out for this 5KIND stuff.
    Have a great evening!

  11. Hi Andy. Thanks for sharing your experience with hemp. It just recently became available in New Zealand through prescription as well. I imagine the pharmaceutical industry is terrified of the prospect of losing their ‘customers.’ We know that their goal is to have long-term customers where ideally, most of the population are on multiple prescription medications for life! A great business model, but so bad for anyone who actually wants to get well!
    I agree with you that everything that we need for optimal health is provided by nature, free for our use. Hippocrates said it best when he said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

    1. Hi Andrew, thank you for reading and commenting!

      Nice to hear we are on a similar wavelength. I think a lot of people are coming round to the idea of finding natural remedies, especially those who are suffering bad side effects to prescription medication.

      Great quote, one of my favourites!

  12. This is an interesting article thank you. I am suffering some joint aches and pains, and my mum certainly is, but we have not tried this.
    As I also live in the UK I can sympathise with you, the damp, coldish weather is so uncomfortable and makes you feel stiff and old before your time!!

    Hope you continue to find more natural methods of helping yourself. All the best.

    1. Hi Joanne, thank you I am glad you enjoyed the article.

      Yes you will be able to sympathise then maybe time to save up for a villa to go to in the winter, could count that as a natural remedy 🙂

      I hope you and your mum can find some remedies, thank you for reading and commenting!

  13. Hi, Andy. You gave me a good laugh for the morning. I do appreciate that in a writer. So sorry about your condition and I am happy you are getting relief from natural herbs. I am in agreement that the earth created by God has all the herbs we need for good health.
    I also know that prayer works. I will remember you in prayer for healing.
    It’s very pleasing to know that you are enjoying the Christmas season. I am in the Caribbean (Jamaica) and we enjoy Christmas in the Sun. I have no pictures for you at this time but surely the spirit of Christmas is here.
    Enjoy the season.

    1. Hi Jasmin, good to hear that you enjoyed reading the article!

      Yes I am getting plenty of relief, getting better all the time. We are in the midst of winter here and I am still not suffering yet so fingers crossed.

      Yes I do pray regularly and will certainly welcome any prayers from anyone else, so many thanks. I am slightly jealous you are in the sunshine, hope you enjoy the season too and as always thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  14. Though I do not suffer from arthritis but I know like three people who suffer from it and just like you have said, the weather is turning very cold so, there is need to get something that can protect them. This cream you have shared here would be suggested for all of them immediately as i would be forwarding this post to them. Thanks for sharing 

  15. What I love most in this article is the fact that you’re not biased and you’re very truthful with your recommendation. Its true that hemp cream works better for pain reduction in a great way and also for swell. It’s really good that at last I can get a very reliable product for my dad, he suffers from arthritis and I know hemp gel will be of great help to him. I’ll share this article to him and I know he’ll so much appreciate it. Thanks.

    1. Hi DreaJay, good to hear from you.

      Yes, it’s my honest opinion and that is after years of using it now. I recommend it because I truly believe it can help people and I hope it helps your dad, let me know how he gets on.

  16. Arthritis can be so threatening some times, I know this because I have a friend who is a patient of it. He has tried different products and drugs, even those prescribed by medical practitioners and all was to no avail, reading through this article right now is of great delight to me and I’ll share it with him as soon as possible. Hemp gel is a very good product, I believe that for you to have said it plainly in this article that it’s more effective than Boswellia cream, then it must really be good. Thanks for the help.

    1. Hi Wildecoll, thanks for reading and commenting.

      Sorry to hear about your friend. It can be difficult to find things that help with the pain and this is just one of the tools I use, but it is a damn good one!

      Yes, it did replace Boswellia as my new favourite and I hope it helps your friend.

  17. It is very nice to see you share this. I have heard about all the goodies that one can use the hemp plant for. I have seen it in oil form before but not as a cream. I would very much like to give it a try judging from the pros you have mentioned of this specific cream. This 5kind clinical skincare looks like the real deal. I will give it a try for the backpain I usually have. Thank you.

    1. Hi Henderson.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, that’s right there are some wonderful benefits to be had and I am sure it can provide you with some relief. If you need any more help give us a shout.

  18. This plant actually is historical, it is attributed to old Egypt from the error of Pharaoh. hemp is already used in many medicinal products currently though many fear to state this. thanks for such an informative article, i really enjoyed reading this and there are somethings i actually didn’t know about hemp.

    Mansoor is my name.

  19. Thank you for this great article. I’ve found a lot of good reviews of hemp based products. People use them for all sorts of conditions so it makes sense that they would help with arthritis. I’m glad you found something that works in helping with arthritis, which is such a common condition. 

    I agree with you about doctors, many doctors just want to prescribe something un-natural and dangerous. It’s good to realize that doctors might not be right about things! I generally believe in the most natural remedy possible. Thanks for you expertise on arthritis and have a great day!

    1. Hi C thanks for reading and commenting.

      Yes, I think many people are turning to natural alternatives after getting tired of experiencing nasty side effects to medications. It has been a fantastic pain reliever for me and I recommend it to anyone suffering from inflammation issues.

  20. I started this just over a week ago , it’s amazing no more pain , I have Costocondritus , I have been on all sorts of pain medication nothing has worked then I came across this thank god I did ,.

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