6 Fruits that are good for arthritis – Kiwi


These hairy little things are another source of vitamin C as well as vitamin K and E and like apples, they contain potassium.

Also like apples, kiwi is thought to be able to support the immune system hopefully reducing the chances of catching the ever-annoying common-cold.

The Common Cold, Girl, Patient, Scarf

Other possible benefits include helping to control blood pressure, preventing vision deterioration and reducing blood clotting.

Again more studies will need to be done but I did find the reducing blood clotting benefit interesting. I see a lot of arthritis sufferers on support groups talking about how restricted and immobilising they can find it.

Of course, everyone is different and has differing capabilities but if you are someone who is finding that the disease is causing you to be a bit more of a ‘couch potato’ than you would like to be, then it could be worth you eating kiwis.

I understand some people will be very sedentary and will already be on blood thinning medication and that’s fine, I am not advocating that you stop taking them and replace it with kiwi. 

In fact, if you are on blood thinning medication it may be better for you to avoid kiwis altogether.

I was referring more to people who are still active but have found that they have been significantly slowed down by the disease, maybe started watching one box set too many on Netflix.

Maybe if you have started doing that then introducing kiwis into your diet could help to keep your blood flowing nicely.

You can eat the hairy skin!!!

sliced Kiwi fruit

I only found this out the other day and was shocked, I have never seen anyone eat the skin of a kiwi but if you are adventurous enough and want the full dose of nutrients and antioxidants then go right ahead!

Another key benefit mentioned there are antioxidants.

We have discussed previously that when you are in pain you can be stressed when you are stressed your body is in an oxidising state which is harmful.

Antioxidants contained in kiwis such as vitamin C and E are excellent at removing damaging oxidising agents. There is no doubting that people in our position need plenty of help such as this.


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