6 Fruits that are good for arthritis – Apple


We have spoken before about apples and the various health benefits that can be achieved by regularly consuming them. Apples have a high amount of fibre and vitamin C which means they are excellent for helping the immune system.

The fibre that is contained in an apple is soluble fibre, this is said to be good for your health as it helps the friendly bacteria in the gut and we have talked before about how important the gut is.

It is often said that when discovering ways to fight disease we should look to the gut first and if you are getting your fill of apples then your friendly neighbourhood bacteria will be getting fantastic support.

Apples also contain a nutrient that is usually found in plant foods, quercetin.

three green and red apple fruits

It is thought that quercetin might have anti-inflammatory effects. When looking for fruits that are good for arthritis we naturally looked at ones that showed signs of reducing inflammation.

Other benefits apples may have are anticancer and anti-depressant although more research is needed.

Some people say apples can help you lose weight but I think this is because it has fibre so it keeps you full for longer than a processed snack.

There are a wide variety of apples and some of them have higher sugar content than others so be wary of this. I think ones such as Braeburn and Gala apples have some of the lowest sugar content.

Whilst there seems to be numerous benefits to eating apples they can cause digestive problems to some. 

Particularly those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) so for those who suffer from this, it might be worth moderating intake or looking for an alternative.


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