Counting the little victories

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Hello everyone, I hope you are all well!

Just a short post today inspired by the fact that tomorrow I officially rejoin the gym!

I have mentioned before when talking about mindset that it is important to count the little victories you have during your fight against arthritis.

We all know that arthritis can really beat us down at times and make things seem pretty bleak and depressing.

Simply thinking of all the things you can no longer do can be upsetting, so when we get victories we need to acknowledge them!


In the past I have mentioned that year on year I feel as though I have made progress, I always seem to have less pain and be able to do more things than I could the previous year.

The regrowth of my calf muscle has made a massive difference for me.

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In fact the stronger my legs get the more stable I feel and the less pain I am in. So after progressing at home, I felt the time was right to join the gym again.

I haven’t been a member of a gym since my accident, up until this point I hadn’t felt strong or stable enough to go back and of course there is cost.

Now that I am in a place where my income is stable I know the money aspect is no longer a problem.

I also see it as investing in myself which is a massive thing to do. Everyone should invest in themselves but especially people suffering from chronic disease.

Even if it is something as simple as investing your time into reading an article that may help you or buying a supplement or mechanical aid, you are investing in yourself and your progress.


Love this word.

If you are suffering a chronic disease you need to be relentless, why?

Because the chronic disease is relentless, it won’t give in easily, it won’t just disappear, it wants to see you beaten down and humbled.

Why do you think we called this website The Arthritis Fight?

Because it is a constant battle and if you don’t stay relentless yourself if you give in and allow it to get the upper hand you can expect a whole world of pain!

Find your own tools that can help you in your fight and give you the upper hand, CBD, Boswellia, diet, exercise, meditation, support networks.

Of course, it isn’t easy and doesn’t happen overnight, it has taken me over 5 years to feel strong enough to go back to the gym.

And obviously accompanying the sense of achievement is a sense of trepidation, a realisation that I still can’t train like everyone else.

My ankle still has minimal movement so there are going to be things I can’t do. So guess what, I will focus on the things there I can do.

I will get stronger and stronger, I will keep pushing back until I beat arthritis into submission.

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I will be relentless!


Don’t forget to celebrate victories you have no matter how big or small, focus on the positives. The other morning I was shopping in the local store within half an hour of getting out of bed.

This particular moment was a massive positive for me.

I knew it was taking me less time to get going in the morning but this was really incredible considering not too long ago it was taking me almost two hours to get my ankle going.

Don’t get me wrong I am not getting carried away or too overconfident, I am sure there will be some times in the future where my arthritis will want to give me a stark reminder of what it is capable of but I am prepared for that.

I won’t let it break me and I will not back down.

I will relentlessly keep doing all the things that have contributed to my progress so far.

I was once told my ankle and foot needed fusing to take the pain away.

I was once told that amputation of my foot would take the pain away.

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Since then I have gotten myself to the point of mild to no pain, not needing any painkillers and I rejoin the gym tomorrow,

counting the little victories!

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