Some final points…

  • Only do what you are capable of!
  • Remember to warm up and stretch before you exercise.
  • Remember to cool down and stretch after you exercise.
  • Obviously, attempt the easier exercises first then you can move up at your own pace.
  • I am aware the images aren’t great but they are there to help you visualise the exercise.
  • People often ask about supplements to take whilst exercising, I will put some links at the bottom so you have some options!

Sport Gymnastics Frog Funny Fitness Fit Sp

Don’t over train – TRAIN EFFICIENTLY

Persona Nutrition- For people serious about wanting to optimise health, Persona will help by assessing your needs and providing a supplement regime tailored to your needs.Click here or image for more info.

Life Extension – Excellent supplement resource, sale ends 6th of November 2018. Click here or image for more info.

Exercise 5

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