At-home massage therapy – Triumph hand therapy

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well! Many of you are probably used to doing some sort of self massage at home, arthritis causes swelling as we know which means we can regularly be caught grasping at a cream lathered joint and working our fingers into the body part. This may be accompanied by … Read more

Hemp cream for arthritis – My choice

***UPDATED 26/01/20*** Hey my fellow fighters I hope you are all well! If you are reading this then you are either a follower of The Arthritis Fight or you could be someone who is searching the internet looking for a natural anti-inflammatory cream. Perhaps you have arthritis or maybe you have another inflammatory issue but … Read more

Natural cures for arthritis – Is turmeric good for arthritis?

Hi everyone, people suffering from arthritis seem to be shifting more towards natural cures for arthritis, I know I am. People are asking if turmeric and curcumin are good for arthritis? And what the best turmeric supplement for arthritis is? I have referenced this before but felt I would reiterate about this product as I … Read more

Mirafit Arm and Leg Mini Exercise Resistance Bike – Exercise For Arthritis

Hey everyone, following on from what we have spoken about in other posts, regarding how to reduce swelling and how to improve circulation in the legs, I have written this article. It describes another piece of equipment I feel will make significant improvements to peoples health. Strong muscles = happy bones I’m not trying to … Read more

How To Improve Circulation In The Legs – Revitive Medic

Hey everyone, today I want to tell you about another tool I use in the fight against arthritis! This is something I use every morning, it strengthens leg muscles and helps to improve circulation in the legs as well. The relationship between arthritis and circulation Not long after my ankle surgery, I suffered an infection … Read more


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