The cost of arthritis

I lay in bed awakened by the sound of rain thundering down on the bedroom window and at that exact moment, my ankle gives me a twinge, a sharp shooting pain. It is a foreboding pain that sets the tone for the day ahead, I sigh and think to myself “This is a bad day”. … Read more

Strength training with arthritis

Okay, so in the last couple of posts, I have spoken about how the situation we are in (COVID-19/lockdown) has had a detrimental effect on the calf muscle I had been working to build up. Strength training can, at times, be complex. Strength training with arthritis is even more difficult there often needs to be … Read more

Stop with the arthritis competition

Pain is personal to the individual in question, it is the demon they fight with every day. STOP TELLING OTHERS YOUR DEMON IS WORSE OR THAT THEIRS IS LESS SIGNIFICANT. I could just end this post here really, that’s why I have put that at the top so you understand the point of this article. … Read more

Be Kind

If I don’t leave the house I don’t have to feel the cruelty of the world. If I lay in bed I can hide from the world. If I sleep now maybe the world will have changed tomorrow. When you injure yourself you can usually see the symptoms and the healing process. It could be a bruise … Read more

HIIT me baby one more time!

football tackle

Hello my fellow fighters, I hope you are all well! I know it has been a while since I wrote a new article but we have had Christmas and I have been working on getting rid of the damage caused by E.M.P.C (excessive mince pie consumption). I have stayed active on our Facebook and Instagram … Read more

Will arthritis kill you?

Hello everyone, I hope you are well and fighting hard! Over the past few years many people have campaigned to raise awareness about arthritis. Why? Well that’s because arthritis numbers are on the rise, the amount of people affected by it is increasing all the time. It’s also due to the fact that people are … Read more

An Arthritis Halloween

Hello everyone I hope you are all well. Today is Halloween which brings to mind things such as witches, ghouls, trick or tweet, scary movies and costumes. It got me thinking about what scares me, I don’t consider myself as someone who scares easily but naturally there are some things I find frightening. What’s scary to … Read more

Does sugar cause inflammation?

Hello everyone I hope you are all well and fighting hard! I am going to take a little time today to talk about sugar, its affects on the body and possible interactions with arthritis. We know as arthritis sufferers that inflammation is a dangerous thing in fact that goes for everyone. Chronic inflammation is extremely … Read more


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