An Arthritis Review


Let’s face it arthritis pain is why we are here. Arthritis in ankles, arthritis in knees, arthritis in shoulders, hands, the spine, just about any joint you could think of. We all suffer from similar arthritis symptoms and we all desperately seek to relieve arthritis pain. I remember being told […]

Living With Arthritis Pain

Andy 14

In this post, I want to take a little time to talk a bit about living with arthritis pain. People with arthritis will all have their own stories, they will have similarities to mine and differences as well. The diagnosis As many of you who have read my previous posts […]

The Honeymoon Is Over

Andy 2

No it really is over, 2 weeks in Mexico following on from our wedding, now time to get back to the fight. It was a fantastic rest and recharge which we all need every so often and my ankle has been brilliant recently as well. Holiday Heat I tend to […]

Is It Really That Bad?

Andy 12

I get this question fired at me a lot. Is it really that bad? Does it bother you that you can’t do stuff? Does it hurt all the time? People who ask this are never people who have arthritis, because they would know the answer for themselves. I’m not criticising […]

About Me – My Arthritis Story

Andy 2

Hi, welcome to The Arthritis Fight! I hope this website can provide you with valuable information and tools in order to better cope with the pain of chronic inflammation, let’s fight back and regain control of our health and life! My Story 8th November 2013, it was a Friday and […]

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