Best way to stop arthritis pain – My secret

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Hello everyone, I hope you are all well.

Following on from the last tool we announced in the A-Z Arthritis Toolkit, I was prompted to write this article.

I have been working on this article for a while because I believe it to be of vital importance and I wanted to make sure it had the relevant information in it, for all of you.

After a pretty crappy winter last year, I again scoured resources to find anything else I felt I should be using or trying.

I did have a painful winter last year, which I think was due to pushing too hard in a job I shouldn’t have been doing at any time of year, let alone at winter time.

Whilst I was looking on social media I had an article come up on my Facebook feed, it was from Dr Joseph Mercola.

If you don’t follow him do yourselves a favour and look him up, he has countless articles not just about arthritis but health and well-being in general.

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Honestly, there are lots of articles! I think more articles get produced on his page a day than I have hot dinners (an English expression but trust me there are loads of posts).

One, in particular, had caught my attention and I gave it a read.

After reading I was hopeful again.

Now after roughly 9 months of using it I am convinced and ready to tell you what it is that I consider the best way to stop arthritis pain.

There is a multitude of benefits to taking this product, not just for arthritis pain, although it has helped incredibly with that, there are benefits here for everyone.

For the past 9 months and up to this present day, what I consider the best way to stop arthritis pain is…

Astaxanthin (as-ta-zan-thin)

For those of you who have heard of this product, I applaud you and hope that you are using it.

That being said there will be a lot of information below that you may not know and for those who haven’t heard of this before, please take the time to read about this incredible supplement.

What is it?

It is a lot of things but essentially it is an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory.

It is part of the carotenoid family known for giving strong vibrant colours to produce they are found in.

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For example, salmon gets its pink pigment from Astaxanthin, a tomato gets its colour from lycopene another carotenoid, a carrot gets its orange glow from beta-carotene also a carotenoid.

Where is it found?

It is extracted from algae and therefore found in things that feed on the algae such as lobster, trout and most concentrated amounts are found in wild sockeye salmon.

That being said it is difficult to get the amounts of Astaxanthin we need just by eating these foods.

So where can we get it from?

I’ll get to that one soon, first I want to answer the more important question…

Why take it?

This is, of course, the big question, after all, I must have read something initially that inspired me to buy it.

And this was true, I had read about some incredible benefits that had convinced me everyone should be using it. That I could even stop using some other supplements and replace them with this one.

The power of antioxidants!

As many of us know antioxidants play a vital role in protecting our cells from damage caused by pesky free radicals!

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Our body produces some of its own antioxidants as part of its attempts to self-regulate, we obtain extra from foods we eat and or supplementation.

What makes Astaxanthin different is that it can control multiple free radicals at once, as opposed to usual antioxidants that can only deal with one at a time.

This is a massive benefit.

You see as we get older we produce fewer antioxidants, our organs work slower and our immune system weakens, so there becomes an imbalance which of course leads to disease.

We need to be supplying our body with top quality antioxidants, hence where Astaxanthin comes in.

Astaxanthin is the most powerful natural antioxidant, more powerful than Vitamin C and E.

Each cell in our bodies is affected by oxidation thousands of times a day!

In that case, if we don’t help supply the cells with protective antioxidants the cells will decay.

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Astaxanthin can travel the length and breadth of your body, into muscle tissue and vital organs which only adds to the power and appeal of this supplement!

On the opposite side to antioxidant is pro-oxidant!

Some other natural antioxidants can eventually become pro-oxidants in our body, which means they then start to cause problems by oxidising our body.

Thankfully, clinical research has shown that Astaxanthin stays effective for longer and will never become a pro-oxidant, so no risk of it doing us any damage after time.

Due to the fact it can travel easily around our bodies getting into all areas, our bodies are less inflamed when we are exercising and even look younger.

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That’s right, I am talking about natural glowing healthy skin!

Because Astaxanthin can absorb into our skin it helps protect it from ageing wrinkles and damage from UV exposure.

And because it accesses our muscle tissue, it helps keep them moving smoothly and therefore produces less inflammation.

It has been shown to increase physical performance and help muscles recover quicker after workouts!

Crossing the brain and eye barrier!

To my knowledge, there aren’t any antioxidants that do this.

It literally means that taking Astaxanthin will help protect our brain and eye health, why? Because it has the ability to access them!

It truly is a substance that can travel through the entire body!

Human clinical studies have shown that it can cross the barriers into the brain and eyes meaning it can help protect them too, as well as lowering inflammation in these vital organs.

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Other interesting benefits

To name a few, enhanced sperm production and motility.

Yes, it has been shown to enhance the quality of those swimmers and there ability to reach the egg.

Improved cardiovascular health meaning lower cholesterol, reduction in the possibility of heart attacks.

As stated before, if it helps keep cells healthy and can access pretty much all of your body, then it can help reduce damage to organs as important as your heart!

Sex and heart attacks I thought this was an arthritis site?!

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You’re right I will get back to the more specific benefits. I am merely showing the reasons why everyone should be taking it, not just arthritis sufferers.

To put it simply, a lot of what we talk about here relates to inflammation.

We are in pain and stressed so we are inflamed, we eat the wrong foods so we are inflamed.

Even going about our daily business of breathing and exercising can oxidise our body and create free radicals.

Our bodies produce some antioxidants in an effort to protect itself, we have the opportunity to add an additional antioxidant that is quite commonly referred to as ‘The highest quality antioxidant!’, ‘The king of the carotenoids!’

Since taking it I have been in pretty much no pain unless I drastically overdo it.

Due to the reduction in pain, my walking has been able to return to the most normal walking pattern since I suffered my injury.

I haven’t been asked why I am limping because nobody has noticed!

Sand, Footsteps, Footprints, Beach

And due to the more normal walking pattern, my calf muscle has started to rejuvenate very quickly indeed.

Thus making me stronger and more stable on my feet!

Am I running yet? No, but I feel a damn sight closer than this time last year and that’s another little victory on this journey.

‘So I just take this feel great, stronger, fitter, don’t age and have better sperm right?’

Not quite.

As with anything we discuss you have to be doing the basics correctly first, that’s why we call them supplements not replacements.

It is to supplement good things you are already doing and work well with them, not replace a load of unhealthy choices you might make.

And this supplement is the best I have found, particularly for pain relief!

It has been shown you would need to take 12,000 mg of Vitamin C to get the same benefit you get from 2 mg of Astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin has shown in medical research that it is 500-1000 times stronger than Vitamin E!

In essence, it is one hell of an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and that is what our bodies desperately need!

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‘Why don’t doctors mention it then?’

This still remains one of the scariest things in the world to me.

Simply put pharmaceutical companies cannot patent natural products so we don’t get prescribed them by doctors.

I know its upsetting because we rely on these people when we are in times of need, but there is a reason holistic doctors are on the increase.

That reason is things like Astaxanthin, Cannabis oil, Turmeric and so on.

Put it this way I am suggesting you do like I have, instead of the prescribed anti-inflammatories try a natural one.

It won’t give you any side effects and has provided me with the greatest pain relief for my arthritis!

That has got to be better than taking a chemical anti-inflammatory that may cause stomach ulcers and bleeding!

Oh but wait I forgot if you do get any of those side effects your doctor can just prescribe something like Omeprazole, so you go from one chemically manufactured product to two! This is what scares me.

So where can you get it

You need to be careful when looking to buy this product and make sure it says it is a natural ingredient.

As with most things people do make synthetic versions and try to pass it off as natural. The fact is the synthetic versions are drastically less effective!

The image below is the one I have used since I started taking Astaxanthin.

It is produced by Nu U Nutrition, I use a number of their products and I have been pleased with the supply and quality of them.

Of course, as I always say, do your own research.

I highly recommend you give this supplement a try though, I mean for anyone not taking it, not just people with arthritis.

The broad range of benefits and human clinical testing that backs these up, shows that this is an antioxidant that has caught the attention of a lot of medical professionals.

They have continued to conduct these clinical trials because they are impressed by the way Astaxanthin helps protect our bodies!

I advise you to protect yours!

I have and have never felt better and been in less pain since my injury and diagnosis!

Self-fulfilling prophecy

Whatever you choose to do with this information remember to keep fighting back.

When I was diagnosed I was told that arthritis would leave me in constant pain, would limit what I could do in life and would need further surgery in the future.

It would be easy for me to sit there and accept it without fighting back, this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Because somebody has said you will be in pain and you will have limitations, you feel in constant pain and constantly limit what you can do.

You become what they say you are!

When you hear about most ‘incurable’ things such as arthritis, the doctors will say,

‘Well you always get a small percentage who manage to beat it’.

But why? Is it because that small percentage refuse to become what they are being told they are.

Overcoming, Stone, Roll, Slide, Strong

They keep searching and experimenting before finding a way that works for them.

A way that gives them their life back.

Maybe it is those small percentages we should be paying more attention to.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and can take some benefit or use from it. In all the things I have tried since my diagnosis, I think Astaxanthin is the one that has yielded the best results!

Try it and let us know what you think!

Best wishes


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11 thoughts on “Best way to stop arthritis pain – My secret

  1. Hi my mum suffers with R.Arthritis wrists inflamed all the time just swollen she tries not to complain only when its really bad –
    Just I want to do something for her

    1. Hi Mary thanks for commenting!

      I am sorry to hear that your mum is suffering.

      Has she tried rubbing hemp cream on her wrists? I’ve found this to be brilliant for reducing pain and swelling.

      The above article may be useful to you. I would also recommend she starts taking Astaxanthin if she doesn’t already.

      I understand you just want to help her pain and she’s lucky to have you searching for remedies!

      That’s all I did, I kept researching then trying different things.

      Hope that helps and I wish you and your mum all the best!

    2. Hello Mary, I think it is best you read through this post as it would be really useful for you.
      Although there might also be other options but you should try what is working first and see if it works for your mum.
      As suggested by Andy, your mum should give Astaxanthin a try and I hope it does work for her. Wishing your mum a safe and hasty recovery.

  2. Really i learned a lot about antioxidants here in your post than i ever have anywhere else. And i’m glad i stumbled on this page, I am really worried now as you mentioned that we tend to produce less antioxidants as we get older,
    do we have to take the Astaxanthin for a liffe time?

    I’m pretty worried about that please.

  3. Hey Andy I am sorry to hear about your arthritis story.
    However I am happy that you are taking steps to manage it as is a chronic condition.
    I have never heard of Astaxanthin and I will be to past this post to my friend’s dad who has had this problem for a while.
    He has been to doctors but has not gotten any help.

    1. Hi Thabo thanks for your comments, yes I am trying my best to fight back, I have not taken any pharmaceutical medication in a year now and I am feeling pretty good so I definitely recommend giving Astaxanthin a try!

  4. Hi Andy,

    nicely written and a very important topic. We all get to it at some point and as you mention it’s a process we can slow down with the right knowledge and measures. I also liked your narration. It’s easy to follow your flow of thought although you use some specialistic vocabulary.

    Good luck!

    1. Hi Tim thanks for your comments.

      Yes hopefully if we can educate ourselves and try to incorporate natural remedies we can fend off a multitude of diseases.

      Thank you for reading, glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Hello Andy
    Me having arthur i found this article very helpful and educating
    Thank you for sharing such good info .I will try your remedies.
    Thank you again
    Take care

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