Best Medication For Arthritis Pain

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Hey everybody, in this article I want to talk about the generally accepted best medication for arthritis pain and also offer up some alternatives as well.

I will also talk about the different things, mentally, that can help overcome the pain.

For what you can do with regard to physical methods see previous posts.


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. We’ve all heard of them especially us arthritis sufferers, they are almost immediately prescribed and we are told to continually take them.

They pretty much do what they say on the bottle, they help control the inflammation. Reducing the swelling and thereby lessening the pain.

These can be very effective for some people, but like most medicines, they can cause some side effects.

The main one is usually irritation of the stomach, this is very common and can lead to ulcers and bleeding. Headaches, allergic reactions and liver/kidney problems are just some other side effects.

painting of man in distress to illustrate how non-steroidal anti-inflammatories can make you distressed due to side effects.
The side effects of medication are real, look for natural alternatives.

As I say these pills can be effective for some people, but maybe there is a way we can eradicate some of these worrying side effects.

There is a misconception, that if patients use the topical (creams) NSAIDs instead of the pill form, they won’t suffer any side effects.

This is incorrect, in fact, a lot of the side effects are the same, such as upset stomach, ulcers, bleeding.

The alternative

I have discussed some of these in previous posts but it is worth mentioning again due to the topic here.

I touched on creams above, there are some natural creams on the market that can be just as effective in reducing swelling and joint pain.

My favourite is the Boswellia Serrata cream, one tub can last a very long time, presenting value for money with none of the unwanted side effects.

There are also natural pills that are excellent for joint pain and swelling. Vitamins K2 and D can be effective and present side effects that are much less common.

Another thing I use to ease pain and stiffness are heated socks. These obviously don’t present many side effects and can prove very effective in easing pain and loosening the joint, I use these most of the year, apart from really hot days which can be rare in England!


It’s well known that stress can have a detrimental effect on the body. Needless to say, the better we are at controlling stress in our lives the better we will feel. Of course, it isn’t always easy to avoid stress, it can happen at work, at home and from other external sources.

It may not be easily avoidable, but we should make a conscious effort to keep our minds and body calm.

couple enjoying a beautiful sunset, being at peace with the universe and enjoying calm.
Look for the beauty in the world and cherish it, that can be very calming.

We should also be making sure that we get enough sleep, as this is the time our body can truly do it’s healing and repair work.

It’s advisable to get at least 8 hours and to be in bed at a reasonable time when possible, some people may even require more than 8 hours sleep a night.

In an effort to try to remain relaxed and drift into a deep sleep, I have downloaded the Calm app on my mobile phone. It is free (although you can pay yearly to access more elements), it has soothing sounds and sleep stories that I use at night in order to get to sleep quicker.

It also has meditation exercises on it, which can be great for relaxation and relieving stresses of the day.

I recommend you soak in the bath and then do the meditation exercises, each one is centred around a different subject and I have found them invaluable, definitely worth trying for free!

Staying positive

I know that this is another subject that is easier said than done, but I believe this as well to be vitally important. When suffering from chronic pain it can become a real battle to stay positive.

Imagine the start of a boxing match, where there is the reigning champion in one corner and the underdog in the other corner.

The underdog is looking to beat the champion so they become the dominant one. The champion, in this case, is the chronic pain in the body and the underdog looking to beat it, is the positivity in our minds.

man walking on a snow covered track, arthritis sufferers can enjoy scenes like this if they have the right tools
Don’t let winter keep you housebound.

I’ve mentioned before that in the middle of winter when it’s bitterly cold, it can seem like chronic pain is winning the fight. It’s landing punches so to speak and it’s beginning to feel like the underdog will fall.

We have to be resilient, defiant and soak up the blows but keep coming forward.

We do this by positivity, when it’s winter, cold and joints can be painful I think of what I have done in the past year.

Have I moved forward? Have I managed to do more this year than last? Am I stronger than last year?

We have to focus more on the things we can do, than the things we can’t. I could sit all day and think about the many things I can’t do, but how would that help me?

I choose to instead focus on what I am able to do, set goals for what I want to be able to do and keep moving forward.

Create goals, use the tools, keep moving forward

Whether you use NSAIDs or find the alternatives just as good, continue to use them regularly to manage your pain. Allow your body the healing time it needs by getting plenty of rest.

Set realistic goals so you have something to aim for and focus on, you can keep them in mind on days when the pain is beating you down.

picture shows a woman embracing the world, her life and being positive
As the band Journey said ‘Don’t stop believing’.

Try to stay positive, believe you can overcome and live a more pain-free life. If, we already believe we are beaten, where will we find the strength to fight back.

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

Pablo Picasso

Best of luck!


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14 thoughts on “Best Medication For Arthritis Pain

  1. Very interesting article. I suffer with back pain, and I think you are right, you need to focus as you say, on the things you can do, rather than the things you can’t. Staying positive is vital, I really think it has certainly helped me deal with my situation better. Thank you

  2. Good post, and helpful for anyone who is suffering for pain and can prepare himself mentally and follow basics to start his or her pain curing journey)

  3. Very helpful advice Andy, thank you for sharing. I can agree that it is difficult to remain positive. But a positive mind can really get you through.

    1. Hi Owain thanks for your comment. Yes it can be difficult to stay positive on dark days but a strong mindset will help you push through.

  4. Hey Andy! Thanks for your post. I have a bit of arthritis, but nothing painful for now, as I’m still young. But I’m thinking, when I grow older, it might become a problem. What would you recommend for arthritis in the jaw? Cheers.

    1. Hi Ben thanks for your comment. You could use ice and/or heat packs and try massaging the jaw. Physical therapy may also be good and may provide you with exercises.

  5. Hello Andy, i agree with you when we talk of positivity. Having a positive mindset is one way to deal with many health issues we are faced with. I use to have this back pain sometime this year and when I sit for long i just get this sharp pain. It got worse i was no longer visiting my friends, rather I’ll lie on my bed all day. If I had a positive mindset that i will do fine, i may have got out of that problem earlier than i had.

    1. Don’t beat yourself up Benson hindsight can be a wonderful thing but at the time it may not have been that easy for you. I would keep in mind that the positive mindset should be practised regularly every day, this will help to embed the mindset deep into your psyche.

      Meaning you can call upon it in times of need, it can be an incredible tool to have.

  6. Hi Andy,

    I really enjoyed reading your article on the best medicine for arthritis pain. I have suffered from arthritis now for almost 20 years and I hate taking any form of prescription pain killers. I find that if I take a high dose of omega 3 fish oil twice per day and a good quality turmeric supplement, my pain is reduced to a manageable level. I hope this helps your readers and thanks again for an interesting article, Andrew.

    1. Hi Andrew, thank you for contributing your experiences we are very grateful.

      You are spot on with what you are taking I think, I take them too. I hate taking prescription medication as well and I haven’t needed to in nearly 2 years now.

      Supplements for pain relief

      The link above can give you some more ideas about natural alternatives, keep fighting friend!

  7. Great article.  I really like the way you outlined different  points here.  But I think the alternative are not really alternatives. In my opinions they are prevention methods. If my friend or relative suffers from arthritis pain i think the first thing to do is to take medicine even though they are some side effects attach to it.

    1. Hi Randy, good to hear from you, thanks for your contribution to the discussion.

      I do believe the Boswellia cream and hemp cream for that matter are not just an alternative but a better solution than topical prescription creams. I for one have had better success with them.

      Things like sleep, calm and positivity can be good tools to have whatever your situation. They are useful in relation to arthritis because it helps control inflammation in the body which can be key for people with arthritis.

      I understand that you would automatically look to medication after all this is how we are trained to think really, its what we grow up doing, it is the norm.

      That said I do find it worrying. I haven’t taken any medication in nearly two years, I took responsibility for my own condition and health, I researched and found natural alternatives that have proved better than any medication and currently have no pain. I work, go to the gym and get outdoors as much as possible I am not housebound looking at the clock counting down to the time when I can take another pill.

      I have regained control of my life and my health and I believe others can as well and I hope that I can save them going through any horrible side effects as I did.

      Thank you for reading and commenting my friend.

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