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Hello everyone, I hope you are all well!

Many of you are probably used to doing some sort of self massage at home, arthritis causes swelling as we know which means we can regularly be caught grasping at a cream lathered joint and working our fingers into the body part.

This may be accompanied by some moaning and groaning or some ooooing and ahhhinng which may sound unsettling to others but you are in your own home so who cares what they think.

At home massage therapy can be a great thing to help relieve those achy joints but the massaging does become more difficult when your hands are the arthritic area.

What can we do? Ask our partner or a family member to massage our hands? Sure we can and they might but what about the many people who live alone?

Who can they ask? Do they have to wait for a delivery that needs signing for and say to the courier the only way I can sign for this is if you massage my intensely inflamed fingers.

Eyebrows would definitely be raised!

Is there a solution then? I don’t know if it is the solution because I haven’t used it and have no need to but it is a device that is garnering attention and rave reviews.

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Triumph LTD Hand Therapy Device

Now if the story behind this devices invention is true then it is probably the greatest love story of our time. A wife had to give up tending to her garden due to arthritis in her hands so her husband created this device so she could get back to gardening.

Incredible isn’t it? An absolute tear-jerker!

Okay so I am maybe having a bit of fun with the greatest love story but that is essentially why it was created. 

Jeff Zernov watched his wife Paulette suffer terribly with her arthritic hands and wanted desperately to help her get back to doing what she loved, gardening.

Since it’s creation there have been numerous testimonials put forward referencing just how life-changing the device has been for customers.

People have noted how the device has helped them get back to things they love such as golfing, cooking, playing cards and yes gardening as well.

So why are so many people apparently noticing such marked improvements from the device.

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Don’t feel bad if you couldn’t read it first time, I struggled. I think that’s why scientists come up with these long fancy words, so we struggle to pronounce the word and end up looking dumber than them.

That’s probably what they spend their time doing you know, they aren’t performing any research or experiments they are all testing each other to make sure they can properly pronounce the words.

Anyway, photobiomodulation seems to be a kind of red light therapy. Basically, when the light is introduced to the joint it creates a biochemical reaction in our blood cells.

This reaction is said to promote healing and decrease stiffness, swelling, inflammation, so in essence it restores flexibility of the joint meaning we can go back to doing beloved activities.

It is advertised as being science-backed and I can understand elements of the science behind red light therapy and why it works.

But does it work? That I don’t know.

The device itself is remaniscent of a toaster in some ways, you just stick your hand in and wait for it to brown and crisp up, you want butter on that? Just kidding.

You do place your hand inside for 15 minutes and let the red lights omitted do their work. It is claimed that the device should last you forever which is a good thing considering the price.


  • It has appeared to have already helped a number of people.
  • The sciene behind it is understandable.
  • It should be a one time purchase.
  • Portable.
  • No side effects.


  • Price.
  • A new device so not mainstream enough yet to know if it really works. Needs bigger sample of reviews and not reviews just provided on the companies website.

The price of the Triumph Hand Therapy Device is currently $399, apparently that is on sale and is usually $499 according to the website.

My thoughts

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I pray it works, I really do. I know quite a few people who suffer badly due to hand arthritis and I know what something like this could do for their lives if it does what it claims it can.

There are more pros than cons but the cons are pretty big at present. The price is more than a lot of people can afford and at the minute with the lack of independent reviews, it makes it a risky purchase in my eyes.

I have looked on their website and I can get on board with a lot of what they say, especially when it comes to issues such as providing alternatives to precription medication.

Let us know your thoughts especially if you have already purchased one or know somebody who has. 

It is early days for this product and we will keep an eye on it’s progress in the market, hopefully it can become a real tool in the fight against arthritis!

Speak soon,





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