Arthritis Pain Relief Solution

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Hi everyone hope you are all well.

In this article I wanted to talk about something I have started using fairly recently, I have found it so helpful in relieving arthritic pain that I have dedicated this article to it.

He says she says

My head gets close to bursting sometimes with the information overload, the thing about having arthritis (especially in the ankle as I have) is that on days when it isn’t so good and I am noticeably in pain, I tend to limp a lot when walking.

This then leads many people to stop and ask “What’s wrong with you?” seriously I get this a lot!

Before, nobody really seemed to stop me or bother me, even the people in the middle of shopping centres selling broadband never used to approach me, I must have had a very unapproachable face.

Now they see me limping and their eyes light up “Oh what’s happened to you, sir? Also, can I ask who your broadband supplier is?”.

two camels relating to the article where I say I get questioned all the time about my arthritis and the pain.
You talking to me?

The more people you talk with the more suggestions you get.

“My Aunt had the same and she rubbed olive oil on to her ankle!”

“My Mum has it in her back and she finds acupuncture works!”

“My Cousin puts bird seed on his knee and lets them come and peck it off!”

To them I have said “Oh that’s interesting”, “I might try that” and “Why would your cousin do that and does he even have arthritis?”.

Ok so I have never had the last one said to me but you get my meaning, there’s a lot of suggestions usually because it’s from family, friends or friends of the family and they just want to help and see you get better, but how do you know what will work?

Try it, try it, try it!

When it comes to trying to ease the pain I will try anything, within reason. I have tried a lot of things already, some have been a waste of time and money, some have helped a little and some have been really effective.

The purpose of these articles is to pass on to you what has worked for me, it may not help you in the same way but it’s got to be worth a try, hasn’t it?

The patch I buy by the batch!

Say that heading three times fast! A month or so ago when browsing Amazon I came across Jointace glucosamine aromatherapy oils and chondroitin patches.

There’s eight in a box and you simply pull off the seal and stick the absorbent side on the affected joint, this then allows all the ingredients inside it to seep into your body right where the pain is.

One lasts for twelve hours and I usually use one a day from getting up and will take it off when the bulk of the day is done and I am resting and elevating my foot before bed.

They’re not the cheapest solution but they have been a bit of a game changer, I don’t know if it’s the combination of ingredients in them but I have found these more effective than high strength anti-inflammatories I have been prescribed before.

I really can’t be without them now, I ran out once and have vowed not to again so I now buy in bulk which also makes it cheaper in the long run!

Reinforcing the aim

I know it might seem that I have become bored with people suggesting what will work, I haven’t, honest.

In that vein I hope people will feel free to comment and engage with me or each other, the aim here is to help your fellow man or woman who is suffering as you are.

photo illustrating that there is a glorious world out there and even though we have arthritis we should still experience the worlds beauty.
The world is a beautiful place, work on being well enough to experience that beauty.

I have said before I’m not cured but believe I am regaining control due to products and techniques I will continue to share with you. All ideas are welcome because your one idea might help even one other person.

I believe we only get one shot at life so let’s not allow some auto-immune disease or any other disease for that matter, stop us from experiencing the goodness life has to offer!


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2 thoughts on “Arthritis Pain Relief Solution

  1. Dealing with arthritis happens to be one serious issue today because there are some situations where one finds it hard to get the exact solution for that problem. I have had serious inflammatory issues so many times and dealing with it takes a long period of time before i get past it. Currently, I am free from any of this issue, but ill bookmark this post so i can get easy access to this product when needed. Nice to be here.

    1. Hi Bella glad to hear you have gotten a lid on your inflammatory problem at the moment. Yes feel free to bookmark, like, share and spread the word, there could be others that this information might help! The post below may be helpful for you.

      An unknown cause of inflammation

      Thanks for reading and commenting 👍🏻😁

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