The A-Z Arthritis Toolkit – C

Hi everybody! Today we will be discussing C in our arthritis toolkit, this is one of the big players on the list and I would recommend it to everyone however healthy you are.

As always comments at the bottom are welcome, if you want to add suggestions for other letters please do and I will at least try to include them in the relevant post.

C for Curcumin

Now this is an incredible tool, if I were to list all the benefits of this phytochemical then we probably wouldn’t get to the end of this A-Z.

In relation to arthritic joint pain I have found this far more effective than your average pain killer.

4.8 out of 5 based on 1,047 reviews, about as good as it gets! This is one of my best tools and as you can see my last order was the 2nd of March this year, you can also see from the picture that this is the best price for this quality product.

It is recommended that you take 1-3 tablets a day with food. I take 2 with breakfast and 1 with dinner and find them very effective in helping the early morning pain and stiffness in the joints. Similar brands available in the U.S.

Organic, gluten free, vegetable capsules.

120 capsules in bottle, 3 times a day = one bottle lasts 40 days.

£13.95 price of bottle, lasts 40 days = 35 pence a day.

Not too much to pay for an overall health booster!

Benefits (some of)

As always if you want to do your own research, the long lists of benefits you find will be quite overwhelming that’s why I won’t be listing them all.

  • Anti-inflammatory – Helps with arthritic joints and other inflammatory conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Has been shown to help brain function such as improving memory and attention span as well as elevating mood.
  • Performs anti-cancerous activity in the body.
  • Has shown significant effect in alleviating PMS symptoms in women.
  • Anti-ageing effects and reduces oxidative stress in turn preventing diseases such as Alzheimers.
  • This particular brand contains piperine (black pepper) which maximizes the absorption of curcumin in the blood.

What buyers have said

In conclusion

That is C done and what a big player it is in the list! Due to curcumins fantastic effects on joints I highly recommend it for my fellow arthritis sufferers.

I would also recommend it for everyone! Due to its multitude of health benefits I believe we would all gain something from taking them.

What do you think of this powerful tool? Comment below and I will be back with the next installment of the A-Z arthritis toolkit.

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  1. Hi Andy!
    Great post! I learned very much from it and I think people with arthritic joint pain would love this product!

  2. Hello Andy!
    It is the first time that I’ve read about Curcumin. Thankfully I don’t have arthritis but unfortunately some of my relatives are affected by it, so I know what an annoying disturb arthritis is. Given its beneficial properties, I will tell them about Curcumin!
    Thank you for having shared this post with us.


  3. wow, what an amazing review about a-z arthritis kit. It look amazing and great. I will recommend it to others. thank you for sharing

    • Hi Sarah thank you for your kind words! By all means recommend it, I hope to get it as far reaching as possible.

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